MangoApps Connector for ADP Workforce Now®
Keep employee information synchronized automatically.
MangoApps Connector for ADP Workforce Now®

MangoApps Connector for ADP Workforce Now®

Keep employee information synchronized automatically.

Integration Details

Save countless hours of manual entry & eliminate human errors. Automatic user synchronization reduces unnecessary duplication of employee information and lowers migration time. Employee information is automatically added to MangoApps when new members join your team, or removed after staff departures.

Applications Integrated

  • ADP Workforce Now® (current version)
    ADP TotalSource®

Integration Type

  • Read data from ADP

Application Type

  • Data Connector
  • Single Sign On (SSO) (Practitioner and Employees)

Data Sync Frequency

  • Real Time
  • Scheduled

Data Fields

  • The following fields will be automatically synched from ADP to MangoApps
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Manager
  • Hire date
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Title
  • Expertise
  • Employee ID
  • Department
  • View pay summary information
  • View time-off details - including PTO, sick time, and more
  • See updated shift information in a weekly calendar view

Automatic User Profile Updates

Workforce information is automatically onboarded when employees join the team, or offboarded when there are staff departures. This greatly reduces the potential for spelling mistakes (such as name misspellings which can lead to duplication of user data) and the risks of accidentally assigning the wrong departments

Sync Interval

  • 1. Scheduled every 12 hours / daily
  • 2. Real time

Commitment to Responsible AI

Together with ADP Marketplace, our company is committed to the responsible use of AI. When incorporating AI into our product(s), we have agreed to comply with ADP Marketplace’s AI principles focused on human oversight, monitoring, privacy, explainability, transparency, and mitigating bias. Learn more here.

ADP Virtual Assistant

Get your PTO balance and latest pay info on demand. Access is available without disrupting the employee’s workflow on their dashboard.

Employee Self-Service

  • 1. View available hours/days, taken hours/days and more.
  • 2. View pay statement with gross pay, deductions and net pay

Automated Team Membership

This integration will instantly organize your employees into teams according to their profile fields using the MangoApps automation rules engine


  • 1. Rules based on user profile field values with AND/OR support
  • 2. Scheduled every 12 hours/daily
  • 3. Run logs for team admins