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ADP Marketplace is a digital HR storefront that helps you connect and share data across your HR solutions. Simplify your HR processes, reduce data errors and drive your business forward.
Simplify Your HR Data

Automatically integrate and securely share data between your HR systems. Choose from easy-to-use solutions that connect to your ADP platform or access ADP APIs to build custom integrations.
Explore AI-Enabled HR Solutions

Discover solutions that use AI technology to help you improve productivity and your employees' experience. Find apps for recruiting, compliance, financial wellness, and more.

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Access easy-to-use HR solutions that simply and securely integrate with your ADP platform.
With ADP Marketplace, a digital HR storefront, connect and share data across all your HR solutions to simplify your HR processes, reduce data errors and drive your business forward.

  • Instantly access HR solutions. Explore easy-to-implement HR products that meet your biggest needs, plus connect the HR solutions you already use.
  • Choose trusted, pre-integrated solutions that give you the flexibility you need to run your business.
  • Enjoy your simplified HR ecosystem with single sign-on, single data input and single billing for solutions purchased through ADP Marketplace.

Explore apps
Automatically integrate and securely share data between your HR systems.
Choose from easy-to-use solutions that can improve and streamline your organization’s HR processes. Solutions from ADP Marketplace can help you:

  • Save time on admin work. Help free up time for higher-impact functions like talent management and business strategy.
  • Reduce errors and boost efficiency. Enter data once and share securely across all of your HR solutions — increasing accuracy and minimizing errors.
  • Make a bigger impact on your people. HR managers say they would spend their extra time generating insights (35%), planning for the future (57%) and helping talent grow (64%)¹.
    1. ADP HR Manager Survey, April 2019.

See ADP Marketplace solutions
Find the best-fit solutions for your top HR challenges
Explore popular apps to help your employees from hire to retire. Select a category to get started.
Recruiting & Onboarding
Find and hire the right people.
AI Solutions
Boost efficiency through AI technology.
Provide the benefits your employees deserve.
Benefits Administration
Deliver a complete benefits experience for your employees.
Time & Labor Management
Better plan, track and schedule employees' time.
Learning Management
Develop and train your employees.
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Help your business and employees achieve more.
Financial Wellness
Help your workforce build financial confidence.
Point-of-Sale Connectors
Connect your point-of-sale software for payroll integration.
Data Connectors
Connect your existing HR solutions with your ADP platform.
Productivity & Collaboration
Simplify how work gets done.
Reward & Recognition
Say thank you for a job well done.
Travel & Expense
Simplify expense management.
Compliance & Consulting
Help to minimize risk with confidence.
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