SimplyMerit for ADP Workforce Now®

Simplifying Compensation - Merit, Bonus, Equity
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Simplifying Compensation - Merit, Bonus, Equity

Modern, easy to use Compensation Management solution to manage merit, bonus and equity cycles in a fraction of the time with no errors. Speed and flexibility for HR - Live in Five days or less - highly configurable, a customized user experience. Visibility throughout the cycle for Senior Leadership. Managers love the intuitive interface, no training required. Secure cloud-based application, available anywhere on any device. SimplyMerit supports both salary and hourly employees simultaneously, is multi-currency, handles the currency conversions, applies the automatic prorations as configured by you, manages the approval workflow, and even generates and distributes your multilingual adjustment letters - enabling global reach.

Features and Benefits

Integration with ADP Workforce Now® Data

SimplyMerit is integrated with the current version of ADP Workforce Now®. A seamless integration of compensation data to/from ADP and SimplyMerit with the single click of a button. This integration pulls employee compensation data on-demand and includes employee name, compensation data, and reporting hierarchies.

Simplifies the Merit, Bonus and Equity Process

A clean, simple experience for managers along with a highly customizable modern experience for HR. No other tool is as easy to use yet highly configurable to meet your organization's unique needs. No training required.

Saves Time

SimplyMerit can be Live in Five days or less. Up to 90% reduction in set-up time. Save up to 75% of your time gathering and organizing data.


SimplyMerit supports your organizations, employees, and managers across the globe with simple and direct multi-currency management. It even generates and distributes your multilingual adjustment letters

Complete Solution for Data-Driven Decisions

SimplyMerit is a complete solution from salary planning to engaging and empowering managers to make informed compensation decisions to customized adjustment letters automatically distributed to managers. Simple. Direct. Complete.

Easy Planning for Hourly and Salary Employees

Engaging your senior leaders in the salary planning exercise has never been easier. Managers plan in terms familiar to them. Hourly employees are shown as hourly rates, salaried employees are shown as annual salaries. SimplyMerit takes care of all of the roll-ups for you with automatic calculation of total budget spend.

Reward Employees and Retain Top Talent

Consistent, data-driven decisions enable you to reward employees, keeping pay relevant with performance. SimplyMerit also provides alerts, highlighting opportunities to transform the pay gap.


The simple and elegant interface provides for a natural and deliberate workflow for merit and bonus requests and approvals. Our thoughtful design guides managers through the process every step of the way virtually eliminating the need for training.


Managers are provided an unprecedented level of understanding of the budget allocations within their span of control including the ability to view every data point within their organization.


HR and senior leadership can monitor, communicate, and collaborate with managers every step of the way with the powerful workflow and collaboration engine.


Numerous guidelines and compensation recommendations established by HR in the configuration phase are readily available to managers throughout the application including recommended merit percent increase range based on performance rating.


Requested compensation adjustments are visible all the way up the management hierarchy; approvals, adjustments, and rejections are always communicated to the impacted manager; and special exception requests remain visible throughout the application.


Extensive configuration options allow HR to provide a customized experience for their managers as well as to provide guidance to managers directly within the application including recommended merit increase range based on performance rating. Our configuration engine supports stub year processing, automatic proration rules, and variable timing bonus plans at the individual instance level.


SimplyMerit supports 146 global currencies with roll-ups automatically converting to the company's base currency - allows for planning in local currency at the employee-level. HR administrators are provided free rein to define the exchange rates based on budgeted rates, current rates, or any other driving factor.

Governance and Security

Every updated is tracked in our application to ensure maximum auditability. And our platform maintains the following certifications / attestations: DoD SRG, FedRAMP, FIPS, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, PCI DSS Level 1, Glacier for SEC Rule 17a-4(f), SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3. Additionally, our platform meets the following international standards: MLPS Level 3, MTCS Tier 3, UK Cyber Essentials, Plus, and IRAP.


Every step of the merit, bonus, and equity allocation and approval process, including generating and distributing adjustment letters, is included in SimplyMerit. It truly provides a complete experience from start to finish.

Integration Details

SimplyMerit is seamlessly integrated with the current version of ADP Workforce Now® providing secure integration and real-time data updates. With ADP Data Integration, you will be up and running with SimplyMerit in a matter of hours. Try doing that with spreadsheets! HR Administrators are able to automatically pull data from ADP into SimplyMerit on-demand. This automatic data pull eliminates the need to try to manage a "blackout period" where no organizational changes are allowed during the annual merit cycle.

Salary Planning

Start your annual merit cycle with Salary Planning using SimplyMerit. Once complete, roll right into your annual Merit, Bonus, and Equity Allocation processes with a single click of a button.


MorganHR is unique in the industry as both a Compensation Consulting firm and a Compensation Software company. At the end of your merit and/or bonus cycle using SimplyMerit, MorganHR will run your compensation data through our analysis engine. The results will be analyzed by our consultants, and a multi-page “Board-ready” analytical report will be generated for you.
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