CrisisGo Connector for ADP Workforce Now®
CrisisGo, Safety for Everyone, Everywhere
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CrisisGo Connector for ADP Workforce Now®
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CrisisGo Connector for ADP Workforce Now®

CrisisGo, Safety for Everyone, Everywhere
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No auto-billing after trial expires!
No auto-billing after trial expires!

Integration Details

The integration of CrisisGo and ADP Workforce Now® is designed to automate the process of getting your employees into CrisisGo for user account creation and continuous user profile update. With this integration, you'll be able to easily add new hires to CrisisGo and deactivate terminated employees. We'll also pull pertinent employee info over to help you get the most out of the data you already have in ADP. Plus, single sign on with ADP to CrisisGo console will make it easy for your administrators to get logged in the console! Connecting to ADP is included for all CrisisGo customers on the Full Suite plan.

ADP applications integrated

  • ADP Workforce Now®
    ADP TotalSource®

Integration type

  • 1. Read data from ADP
    2. Single sign-on (SSO)

Application type

  • Data connector and end user

Data sync frequency

  • Scheduled: Nightly

Data fields

  • The following fields will be read by CrisisGo:
    1. First name
    2. Last name
    3. Email
    4. Work Locations
    5. Employee ID
    6. Phone Numbers
    7. Job Title
    8. Manager Employee ID
    9. Activation Status
    10. ADP ID

CrisisGo Safety iPass

An innovative solution for safely returning to work with self-certification, optional temperature screening, area entry verification, vaccination record management, and close contact tracing.

CrisisGo Safety iPass

Daily Pre-Certification

  • Design and schedule daily pre-certification emails. Employees receive Email/SMS notifications to complete the COVID-19 symptoms report and optional temperature check, immediately receiving their virtual Entry Badge via the CrisisGo app, Email, or SMS.

Entry and Area Validation

  • Employee validation occurs in a protected area as they enter the building and then completed by scanning the employee's Entry Badge in the CrisisGo app or with another pre-determined ID badge. If an employee does not have a badge, a simple employee look-up via web browser will provide entry validation.

Safety Data Monitoring

  • Easily monitor employee and visitor health statuses, flagging anyone reporting positive for COVID-19. Next, reports are escalated to health services and start the Close Contact Listing process - immediately notifying anyone exposed and taking proper action.

Vaccination and Test Record Management

  • Allows employees to submit vaccination or test records for verification, giving admins the ability to view and approve submitted vaccination records to monitor employees' vaccination status and stay HIPAA compliant

Close Contact Listing

  • Safety iPass synchronizes with Information Systems and utilizes the data from Entry Badge scanning. Our advanced hybrid scheduling module accurately determines potential exposures, confirming COVID-19 cases through Close Contact Listing.

Frictionless Setup

  • Program Managers help determine your Setup Process, while dedicated Account Managers ensure top-level Customer Support. Automated integrations with partners such as ADP keep your data safe, secure and synchronized.

Digital Safety Platform

Regardless of geographical locations, your team, clients, and customers deserve safe environments and processes to navigate through any crisis that may occur. CrisisGo has created a platform that can assist every facet of safety for your company based upon your safety plan. Whether it's preventing risk through safety awareness and audit reports, responding to an incident through sophisticated alerting, or improving your procedures through comprehensive post-incident review, CrisisGo has you covered on all bases. If there is a major emergency, CrisisGo allows you to send organization-wide alerts to broadcast emergencies to all your employees, locations, and offices. Alerts can be set off with an audible tone or silently to ensure everyone in harm's way gets advance notice - allowing your team to easily communicate with your safety staff when an alert is sent.

Digital Safety Platform


  • Stop emergencies before they can occur with a system for reporting risks and managing facility audits.


  • Give everyone immediate, access to your emergency plans and the ability to practice and test your protocols.


  • Notify everyone in harm's way of an emergency with the ability to escalate the situation to first responders if needed.


  • Access digital safety resources like maps and checklists all while getting the right information to the right people.


  • Maintain a clear line of communication with all your stakeholders and provide safety resources to navigate an emergency.


  • Connect all your existing and future safety systems to preserve safety investments and ensure seamless crisis response.

Safety iBeacon

An innovative solution that gives behavioral, discipline, and threat assessment teams the information and tools needed to assess and monitor risks in an individual's safety plan early, getting them the help needed for their specific case and assigning the appropriate level of intervention. Our user-friendly platform expands your business’s ability to support your stakeholders' mental health needs while proactively creating a culture of safety.

Safety iBeacon

Wellness survey and dashboard

  • Survey students and staff to address the root cause of concerns and early identify those in need of mental health support. Electronic scheduling of intelligent surveys and universal mental health screenings.

Communicate, Confirm, Assess risk and Intervention plan

  • Activate Threat Assessment Team. The assessment team opens a case, begins a threat assessment, and completes a student's safety plan as required.The threat assessment team collaborates and confirms the severity of student/staff threats. All team members can access report details, mark threat level, monitor progress, and export the final report to print.

Seamless Integrations

Improve your process flows and cut valuable seconds from response times by integrating all your safety systems and devices including IOT devices.