ADP® Professional Services for Mid-Sized Companies
Optimize your ADP Workforce Now® investment. Get help exceeding your HR goals.
ADP® Professional Services for Mid-Sized Companies

ADP® Professional Services for Mid-Sized Companies

Optimize your ADP Workforce Now® investment. Get help exceeding your HR goals.

Optimization Services

• Get the most out of your ADP investment and execute on your company’s workforce management strategy by using our technology and industry-leading experts.
• Find ways to accelerate employee engagement through portal build out, customized templates and workflows that save you time, reduce manual effort, and consistently apply your company’s policies throughout the organization.
• Get a better understanding of the tools at your disposal and improve your HCM operations.
• Evaluate business processes for security, payroll, core HR administration, benefits programs and compliance tracking and reporting.
• Provide customized training and best practice recommendations in your ADP Workforce Now account.

Implementation & Integration Support

• Accelerate your implementations, tie your data together and reap the benefits of better HCM quickly.
• Have all stages of implementation and integration managed for you by ADP: analysis, conversion, configuration, validation to testing, going-live and post-production support.
• Communicate timely and effectively across project teams to ensure milestones are met.
• Review results and address remaining project plan milestones.
• Share and understand data with custom reports.
• Use application programming interfaces (API) to get data in and out of systems and sync with other systems.

Compliance Services

• Gain a deeper understanding of how your system configurations and data can impact compliance regulations and year-end reporting.
• Benefit one-on-one from our team of experts who proactively help you keep up with changing labor regulations, like the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Payroll-Based Journal and more.
• Configure ADP Workforce Now to accommodate compliance needs and to help you make informed decisions to protect your business.
• Partner with a Certified Health Care Reform Specialist to help assess compliance requirements and your readiness.
• Stay a step ahead with look-back analysis, affordability calculations, waive reason tracking, and measurement method options.

Open Enrollment Services FAQs

Help prepare yourself for a paperless open enrollment with 10 hours of HCM expert support for $2,000. Learn more about this offer below.

How will your group prepare me for my open enrollment period?
ADP’s Professional Services team will:
• Review and build new and existing plan changes in ADP Workforce Now.
• Review mapping of benefit plans to payroll.
• Build benefit enrollment profiles.
• Edit employee self-service access to include updating dependents and beneficiaries.

What if we have a benefit system of record other than ADP? How do you support that?
If you use a system other than ADP for enrollment, but would like the plans created within ADP, we can do all of the above, and work on importing enrollments from the system you utilize for benefit enrollments.

Do you configure the system on my behalf, or guide me on how to do so?
Our consultant can configure the system on your behalf, and/or guide you through doing so on your own. Frequently, our consultant handles the configurations, and then will circle back with the client to show them how to maintain the system moving forward.

Can my broker be involved in the process?
Yes, benefit brokers are often involved in the calls.

What if I have complex plans that take longer than the 10 hours to build, or simplistic plans that take fewer than the 10 hours to build?
We bill for actual hours, so if you need more hours and would like to purchase them, we can amend the original Statement of Work. If you need fewer hours, then we would only bill you for actual hours.

Do you configure Carrier Connections?
No, you would work with your Carrier Connection specialist or Service Team to finalize these.

Who will train my employees on how to use self-service?
We offer support for employee training sessions, estimated at one hour per session.