Engage, Connect, Inspire Your People
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Engage, Connect, Inspire Your People

HelloTeam is a modern engagement and talent management platform, designed to increase employee engagement, impact retention and create data-driven people strategies backed by real-time insights and analytics. Our platform enables employees to be seen, heard and valued, leading to a more engaged, connected and inspired workforce.

Features and Benefits

Employee Portal / Social Intranet

Give your team a social portal where they can build camaraderie, and stay updated on company news, events and announcements. Celebrate employee birthdays, promotions, and professional milestones. Offer a warm welcome to new hires, and enable public praise of good performance.

Interactive Org Chart

Fully functional, dynamic, organizational chart that supports the visualization of more than 1,000 employees.

Integration Details

HelloTeam integrates with ADP® allowing users to log in using ADP SSO. You can use the application to push details for new hires from ADP into HelloTeam application as well as import your existing employee data for seamless adoption.

Employee Surveys

Use our out-of-the-box culture and engagement surveys or create your own. Choose from various survey question types (scaled, multiple choice, open ended, etc), collect anonymous feedback and more…

Recognition Badges & High Fives

Give recognition that is instant, visible and meaningful. Tap on the pulse of your company culture and boost engagement with our fun recognition badges and high fives.

Goals Management with Alignment

Offer insight into how employees contribute to your company’s mission, and increase employee motivation, accountability and productivity.

360 Performance Reviews

Make performance management meaningful, actionable and painless. Offer your team members an ongoing assessment of their performance that is infinitely simpler and more effective than any other type of periodic performance reviews.

People Analytics

Optimize performance and increase the reliability of your people-related decisions with the use of predictive analytics and HelloTeam workforce reports.

Digital Suggestion Box

Give your employees a voice and offer real-time insights for managers. Collect ideas, feedback and more with our easy to use digital suggestion box. Boost employee empowerment and engagement. You never know where the next great idea will come from.

Slack Integration

HelloTeam integrates with Slack to boost teamwork and collaboration by providing a single place for useful information directly via a Slack channel.
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