HelloTeam for ADP Workforce Now®
Performance Reviews, Rewards, Surveys, Learning
HelloTeam for ADP Workforce Now®

HelloTeam for ADP Workforce Now®

Performance Reviews, Rewards, Surveys, Learning

Integration Details

HelloTeam integrates with ADP Workforce Now®, allowing users to log in using ADP single sign-on (SSO). You can use the application to push details for new hires from ADP into HelloTeam application as well as import your existing employee data for seamless adoption.

ADP Applications Integrated

  • ADP Workforce Now®
    ADP TotalSource®

Integration Type

  • 1. Single sign-on
    2. Read data from ADP
    3. Buy now

Application Type

  • Data Connector & End User

Data Sync Frequency

  • Real time

Data Fields

  • The following fields will be read by HelloTeam:
    1. First name
    2. Last name
    3. Hire date
    4. Hire type
    5. Job Title
    6. Department
    7. Email
    8. Reports To
    9. Termination Date
    10. Location
    11 Phone Number
Integration Details

360 Performance Reviews

Make performance management meaningful, actionable and painless. Offer your team members an ongoing assessment of their performance that is infinitely simpler and more effective than any other type of periodic performance reviews.

360 Performance Reviews

360 Degree Feedback

  • Get valuable feedback from a broad set of perspectives and vantage points to capture the whole context of an employee's performance

Review Analytics

  • See how employees compare to others to help leadership team identify top performers faster to keep them engaged.

Real-time Feedback

  • Turn performance reviews into real-time, useful coaching discussions by using the One-on-Ones and performance reviews together to improve employee performance

Fully Automated

  • Dont worry about Performance Review season, let HelloTeam's system fully automate the process so employee's are sent and reminded automatically to complete the reviews which gives you more time to get useful information from your review cycle.

Fully Customizable

  • Our intuitive platform is easy to customize to complement your company’s process. You are able to work with our Client Services team to fit any process you are doing into HelloTeam.

Goals Management with Alignment

Offer insight into how employees contribute to your company’s mission, and increase employee motivation, accountability and productivity.

Goals Management with Alignment

Flexible Goals Management

  • Compatible with common goal setting methodologies such as MBO, OKR, KPI, and SMART goals.


  • Ability to customize goals as visible to all or just you and your manager. This will help increase accountability and transparency within your organization to ensure equitable work loads

Easy to Update

  • Quick and easy to update the completion percentage and make comments on goals which will encourage your employees to make consistent updates to their goals.

Continuous Reference

  • Constant access to past and present goals allows employees to track their progress, as well as stay focus on the future. These can be used to evaluate past performance and will stay on file for any employees.

Company, Department, and Team Alignment

  • With HelloTeam you can begin to cascade down goals from the company to department, teams, and personal goals to ensure employees are able to see their direct impact on business performance.

Employee Surveys

Use our out-of-the-box culture and engagement surveys or create your own. Choose from various survey question types (scaled, multiple choice, open ended, etc), collect anonymous feedback and more…

Employee Surveys


  • Option to use pre-made culture and engagement surveys or to create your own customized survey.

Anonymous Feedback

  • Provide employees with the opportunity to share their honest opinions.


  • Examining results overtime allows for ease in tracking changes in sentiment and visualizing effects of strategy.

Notify me

  • Send/receive survey notifications in email, dashboard and Slack.

Culture Score

  • Receive a culture score assessment per department and location.

Recurring Surveys

  • Set it and forget it – send recurring surveys with the touch of a button.

Multiple questions types

  • Ability to choose between scaled, multiple choice, open ended among other question types.

Decide Who

  • Segment respondents by locations, departments or users to get the specific feedback you are seeking.

On the Go

  • Compatible with any device, making it easy and convenient to take surveys on the go.

Recognition Badges & High Fives

Give recognition that is instant, visible and meaningful. Tap on the pulse of your company culture and boost engagement with our fun recognition badges and high fives.

Recognition Badges & High Fives

Quick Start

  • Choose from our predefined badges for a quick start!


  • Modify your favorite badge icons, names and descriptions.


  • Design new company badges to best fit your company’s culture.


  • Assign badges to the employees to boost their performance and engagement.


  • Promote healthy competition among teams.


  • Share employee achievements on the HelloTeam dashboard.


All in One Rewards system to promote employee engagement, wellness, and belonging.


Interactive Org Chart

Fully functional, dynamic, organizational chart that supports the visualization of more than 1,000 employees.

Interactive Org Chart

Maintains Itself

  • Automatically updated based on your employee data to never have to worry about managing your Org Chart again.


  • Ability to download the organization chart as a png makes it easy to add to presentations or to send via email.

Dotted Line Relationships

  • Show non-hierarchical relationships using the dotted line relationships that can be shown in HelloTeam's interactive Org Chart.

Business card

  • View employee’s personal business card for quick access to their basic information.

View Direct Reports

  • Allows for the entire organizational structure to be viewed at different levels.

Search Bar

  • Input an employee’s name or email and find them instantly within the organization.

Slack Integration

HelloTeam integrates with Slack to boost teamwork and collaboration by providing a single place for useful information directly via a Slack channel.

Slack Integration

Employee Portal / Social Intranet

Give your team a social portal where they can build camaraderie, and stay updated on company news, events and announcements. Celebrate employee birthdays, promotions, and professional milestones. Offer a warm welcome to new hires, and enable public praise of good performance.

Employee Portal / Social Intranet

New Hire Welcome

  • Introduce new hires to the team, and offer a warm welcome on day 1.

Birthdays and Professional Milestones

  • Celebrate employee birthdays, anniversaries, and promotions

News and Events

  • Share company news to keep employees connected and knowledgeable, regardless of their physical location.


  • Create heroes and boost camaraderie through public praise of stellar performance by teammates.

People Analytics

Optimize performance and increase the reliability of your people-related decisions with the use of predictive analytics and HelloTeam workforce reports.

People Analytics

Hiring and Headcount

  • Pinpoint hiring growth statistics by segmenting employees based on department, location and position.

Turnover and Retention

  • Provides analytics across the organization that can help pinpoint pain points and identify causes of turnover.


  • Proactively identify employees who may require an opportunity for career development.

Maturity Trends

  • Average maturity and retention trends of your key departments.


  • Gain the necessary insight to drive retention with access to turnover statistics complete with reason codes for departure.

Decision support

  • Quick and easy to access data makes it easier to make decisions.

Learning Management System

Full Learning Management System included that can support onboarding, employee development, and regular compliance Training

Digital Suggestion Box

Give your employees a voice and offer real-time insights for managers. Collect ideas, feedback and more with our easy to use digital suggestion box. Boost employee empowerment and engagement. You never know where the next great idea will come from.