ADP® API Central
Easily integrate your HR and business solutions with ADP
ADP® API Central

ADP® API Central

Easily integrate your HR and business solutions with ADP

Instant API Access

Instantly access ADP APIs. With ADP API Central, developers can securely integrate your organization’s HCM data with your internal and third-party business systems. Developers can select from a robust library of APIs that will suit your needs and begin building custom integrations to simplify and automate your business processes.

Your developers can use these APIs to build custom integrations that send and receive data between ADP and other systems, making it easy to:

  • Synchronize employee job titles, email addresses and demographic data between systems.
  • Automate user provisioning between your systems when new hires are onboarded.
  • Keep your timecards, work schedules, and time-off requests and balances updated between ADP and your timekeeping system.
  • And much more — refer to our Developer Resources for a full list of available APIs.
Instant API Access

Developer Resources

Get all the resources you need to help develop custom applications and data connectors using ADP APIs. Our comprehensive developer portal at gives developers access to robust API documentation, code samples, developer libraries, how-to articles and more.

Developer Resources

Packaged API Use Cases

When starting a new custom integration project, developers can select from a set of common API use cases to begin development quickly. When you select a use case, your project will automatically populate with the APIs most integrators will need for that scenario.

Available use cases* include:

  • Employee Sync: Synchronize employee job titles, email addresses, and demographic data.
  • Time, Attendance and Schedules: Read and update timecards and work schedules (not available for ADP Workforce Now Next Generation).
  • PTO/Time Off: Read, update, and submit time-off requests and balances.
  • Payroll Input: Add pay-data batches for a payroll cycle to include earnings, deductions, reimbursements and more.
  • Onboarding: Onboard new hires into ADP.
  • Recruiting: Read job and applicant data.

  • *Use cases vary by ADP product.

Security Certificate Management

Easily request and manage your security certificates. Once you make a request, the certificate is auto-signed in real time, so developers can begin using APIs immediately.

Developers will receive notifications beginning 60 days before the certificate expires to ensure seamless integration with no interruption.

Credential Management

Credentials are automatically generated as soon as you start a new project. You can reset your credentials any time.

Team Access Management

Easily add and manage access for the team members building your integrations, whether they’re from your organization or a third party. Select the appropriate user role based on the desired access level. You can also reset passwords and revoke access.

Assign user roles including:

  • Project users: Can create a new project, access API credentials, and manage existing projects
  • Certificate users: Can request a new security certificate, upload an existing certificate, or track certificate expiration
  • Member users: Can view the Members page and manage access and roles for internal and external users

API Developer Support

Have API-related questions as you build your integration? Developers can file support tickets directly through the API Central portal and get a response from our API experts, without HR practitioner approval.

Data Security

API Central leverages OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 authentication and authorization to ensure only authorized users and systems can access the data available via APIs. Regular security assessments and continuous monitoring ensure an ongoing focus on data security and integrity.

Consulting Services

Expert resources are available to guide you through your custom development efforts. Consulting includes selecting appropriate APIs for your projects, guidance on interacting with the applications you’re integrating with, and development best practices to drive a project to completion quickly.