Immediate Connector for RUN Powered by ADP®
Responsible On-Demand Pay
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Immediate Connector for RUN Powered by ADP®
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Immediate Connector for RUN Powered by ADP®

Responsible On-Demand Pay
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Integration Details

The Immediate application integrates with ADP to provide earned wage access to your employees. This is a real-time integration that pushes the details to and from the Immediate platform and integrates the data in and out of RUN Powered by ADP. The Immediate integration fully automates bringing your employee census and time data to the Immediate platform in real-time. Once your pay period closes the Immediate platform writes back payroll deductions to the ADP system so that it fits seamlessly into your payroll workflow.

ADP Applications Integrated:

  • RUN Powered by ADP®

Integration Type:

  • 1. Bi-directional data exchange
    2. Single sign-on (SSO) (Employee and Practitioner)

Application Type:

  • Data connector and end user

Data Sync Frequency:

  • Real-time

Data Fields:

  • The following fields will be sent from Immediate to ADP:
    1. Payroll Deduction
  • The following fields will be read by Immediate:
    1. Departments
    2. Locations
    3. JobTitle
    4. Company
    5. First Name
    6. Last Name
    7. Email
    8. Address
    9. Phone Number

Commitment to Responsible AI

Together with ADP Marketplace, our company is committed to the responsible use of AI. When incorporating AI into our product(s), we have agreed to comply with ADP Marketplace’s AI principles focused on human oversight, monitoring, privacy, explainability, transparency, and mitigating bias. Learn more here.

Turnkey Solution

With the Immediate and RUN Powered by ADP® integration, customers can easily implement the Immediate earned wage access (EWA) solution. Our approach to earned wage access does not disrupt a company's payroll or time tracking process and Immediate is a zero-cost benefit to the employer. With the RUN Powered by ADP® integration, your team can begin offering EWA in as little as one hour. When the workday ends, Immediate's AI compares employee shift history with new work log items to verify time worked. Team members then have access to their earned but not yet paid wages through the ImmediatePay app. The integration with ADP® allows Immediate to see real-time data and provide an automatic deduction file for the next pay period. Immediate is then reimbursed through the payroll process.

Immediate Connect

Immediate is able to connect across platforms. Regardless of your time tracking or payroll system, Immediate can easily integrate through RUN Powered by ADP®. We take the entire technical process off of your hands to enable real-time data to flow into the ImmediatePay app.