Fringe for ADP Workforce Now®
Personalized lifestyle benefits integrated with ADP®
Fringe for ADP Workforce Now®

Fringe for ADP Workforce Now®

Personalized lifestyle benefits integrated with ADP®

Integration Details

Fringe integrates with ADP Workforce Now® to provide HR teams with a seamless process to activate the Fringe platform for all eligible employees.

Application Type

  • Data Connector and End User

Integration Type

  • Read Data from ADP
    Single Sign-on (SSO)

ADP Applications Integrated

  • ADP Workforce Now®

Data Sync Frequency

  • Daily at 1 AM ET

Data Fields

  • The following fields will be read by Fringe:

    - Company ID
    - Organization OID
    - ADP Associate OID
    - First Name
    - Last Name
    - Business Email
    - Personal Email (if business email is unavailable)
    - Date of Birth
    - Hire Date
    - Termination Date


All clients will be asked to complete an onboarding form. Once complete, the Fringe Customer Success Manager (CSM) will schedule a Kick-Off (KO) call with you. The CSM will purchase the application with you during the KO call.

On this call, Fringe will also finalize the plan design and timeline, review communications, provide allowlisting domains, speak to billing and taxes, review your payroll integration, and provide next steps. The CSM will schedule a second pre-launch call to walk you through authorizing SSO and adding the SSO tile to your ADP portal.

Admin and Reporting Tools

Save time and money by consolidating existing vendors, stipends, and reimbursement programs into a simple, automated platform. Our admin dashboard gives you data on utilization and engagement rates so you can see how you're making an impact in your employees lives in real time.

Admin and Reporting Tools

Simplify Administration

  • Census automatically updated
  • Dedicated Support team to answer your employee’s questions
  • Admins can track engagement and receive reporting
  • Drives action through an intuitive experience
  • Payroll Integration with ADP
  • Payroll integration to simplify payroll processing

Lifestyle Benefits

Empower employees with the power to choose what wellbeing means to them. Employees anywhere in the world can select from hundreds of benefits designed to meet everyday needs—from gym memberships to childcare, food delivery, entertainment, and more.

Lifestyle Benefits

Employee Recognition and Peer-to-Peer Giving

Fringe is the only platform you'll need for lifestyle benefits, employee wellbeing, rewards and recognition, peer-to-peer giving, employee donations, recruiting incentives, and so much more. Fringe brings together many and varied vendors allowing the client to provide many solutions to their employees without having to pay multiple vendor fees.

Do It All In One Platform

  • One destination for benefits and engagements opportunities
  • Reward employees for a job well done
  • Give birthday and anniversary gifts
  • Allow employees to give points to peers or donate to a charity
  • Give managers company funded points to distribute
  • Subsidize specific vendors and products for your employees

Recruiting and Retention Incentives

Employees today want benefits and perks that enhance their quality of life. By offering Fringe, you are letting employees choose the benefits that are most important to them and meeting them where they are in life.

Clients who use Fringe …

  • Have above average engagement and utilization
  • Say Fringe has increased loyalty among employees