The People Management Platform


The People Management Platform

Integration with ADP

Lattice integrates with ADP Workforce Now® and ADP TotalSource® to automatically keep your employees up to date. Learn more about our data connector here.

Sync Compensation Attributes

  • Review this Help Center article if you are looking to sync compensation attributes from ADP:


Access your team’s health, recognize great work, and guide authentic conversations, all from your fingertips.


Give and gather feedback in the moment.

  • Lattice’s mobile app makes on-the-go feedback easy. Now you can give feedback and praise to your team right as the work is happening no matter where you are.

Get the context you need for a productive conversation.

  • See employee’s goals and past 1:1s to ground the conversation with historical and directional context.

The Lattice Mobile app is now available in the iOS and Android App stores.

  • Manage 1:1s on the go and away from the computer
  • Give and view Feedback
  • Publish, view, and edit Updates
  • View active goals and past 1:1s
  • Write, draft, and submit your Review
  • View your company directory

Employee Profiles

Every employee has their own personalized view within Lattice.

Employee Profiles

Intuitive Role Based Design

  • Individual Contributors have a simple single page for check-ins, feedback, goals, and reviews.
  • Managers have an additional team page where they can view their team progress and see details on each report.
  • Admins have a control center to manage and customize the experience for their employees.

Grow (Career Development)

Unlock your employees’ potential with growth plans connected to competencies built to accelerate growth.

Grow (Career Development)

Employee Growth to up-level your entire organization

  • Actionable Growth Insights - uncover your team’s strengths, where to leverage your training budget for impact, and where you need to hire next
  • Spreadsheets Don’t Cut It – make employee expectations and growth opportunities crystal clear by integrating Grow into every part of work
  • Turn Your Managers Into Career Growth Guides – Unlock your employees’ potential with growth plans connected to competencies built to accelerate growth


Set performance expectations with clear goals


Set performance expectations with clear goals

  • Quick and easy to update
  • Company, department, and individual goals.
  • Private or Public Goals.

Real-Time Goal Progress and Collaboration

  • Stay in the loop on goal progress with goal update timeline, and email and messaging app notifications.
  • Set automated nudge reminders.

Easily Track Goal Performance

  • Keep aware of how employees are progressing towards goals with team, department, and company dashboards.
  • See how company, department, and individual goals align within cascading goal tree or by goal tagging.


Consistent and structured one-on-ones


Every 1:1 meeting has an agenda.

  • Employees can prepare for their 1:1s by adding items to a mutual agenda
  • Suggested talking points
  • Historical notes stored in Lattice
  • Add talking points via messaging app
  • Run 1:1 via Lattice mobile app
  • View usage reports via dashboard
  • Syncs with Google Calendar and Outlook


Automate Manager <> Report check-ins


Help your managers stay in touch with their reports more frequently

  • Customize questions by team or employee
  • Admins can view usage on dashboard
  • Run 1:1 via Lattice mobile app
  • Employee sentiment score


Recognize great effort and coach with constructive feedback


Employees help each other get better all year long.

  • Give or request feedback from anyone in the organization, anytime.
  • Integrates with Slack, Gmail, and Outlook
  • Accessible on iPhone and Android

360 Degree Performance Reviews

Save time by referencing context housed in other features of Lattice

360 Degree Performance Reviews

Integrated with Reviews

  • Quickly reference self assessments and peer evaluations while performing reviews.

Integrated with Feedback

  • Remove recency bias and provide more context during the review process.

Integrated with Goals/OKRs

  • Easily include individual goals to measure performance.

Easily Manage the Entire Review Cycle

  • Track review completion progress, send reminders, and edit reviewers from one dashboard.
  • Reminder nudges through email and Slack

Performance Review Insights

Understand your company culture like never before with powerful dashboards for HR Leaders and Managers

Performance Review Insights

Comprehensive Feedback Reports

  • Web, PDF, and exportable reports allow managers to group feedback by question or reviewer.

Powerful Insights

  • Understand your company culture like never before with powerful dashboards for Leaders and Managers
  • View score averages, measure D&I, track program adoption, visualize manager effectiveness, and more


Turn your company into the best place to work


Customize and Create Science-backed engagement surveys that give people leaders deep understanding of the voice of their employees.

  • Deep Dive Engagement Surveys
  • Automated Pulse Surveys
  • Connected Metrics to Performance
  • eNPS
  • Proven Question Templates

Measure Employee Engagement and Manager Effectiveness


Replace tedious manual processes with a streamlined solution. Create compensation guidelines using performance ratings, compensation ratios, and more — empowering clarity and consistency across the entire company.


Unified platform for compensation reviews

  • Make, view, and approve compensation proposals in a centralized, secure hub
  • Provide managers with context into pay decisions, insight into employee comp changes and team-wide compensation
  • Give employees insight into their compensation adjustment

Goodbye to Spreadsheets

  • Budget tracking and pay recommendations are visible throughout the review process
  • Notes to document critical information about compensation decisions
  • Permissions and sharing rules keeps salary data secure
  • Monitor progress and follow up with teams through Lattice’s administrative dashboard