ADP® Screening and Selection Services
Comprehensive Approaches for Selecting the Right Candidates
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ADP® Screening and Selection Services

ADP® Screening and Selection Services

Comprehensive Approaches for Selecting the Right Candidates
Run My Business

Candidate Verification

• Social Security Number Verification
• Social Security Number Death Master Search
• Order Builder
• Other Names Search

Criminal Search

• Crim Radar®
• County, State and Federal Searches
• Wants and Warrants Search
• International Criminal Searches

Other Records Checks

Conduct public records checks including:

Driving Records

  • Data source – state records
  • Fast access to records in all 50 states plus Puerto Rico and Canada
  • Driver Protection Privacy Act (DPPA) – compliant driving record searches

Credit Records

  • Data source – credit bureaus (TransUnion® and Equifax®)
  • Detailed info such as high/low balances, loans, bankruptcies, pmt pattern summaries, etc.
  • Allows clients a rich glance into a candidate’s fiscal responsibility

Worker’s Compensation Records

  • Data source – state repositories
  • Viewing of candidate’s history of filing WC claims
  • See claim dates, injury types, claim amounts, and even denied claims

Medical/Physical Screening

• Hair/urine/saliva
• Breath alcohol
• In-house MRO
• Electronic COC
• DOT compliant
• Medical services/physicals

Reference Verifications

Employment, educational credentials, licenses, and international personal/professional checks:

Credential Verification

  • Data source – licensing bureaus
  • Evaluates the integrity and experience of the candidate

Employment Verification

  • Data source – previous employers
  • Gains insight through standard, industry-focused, or position-specific questions
  • Helps see possible on-the-job performance

Education Verification

  • Data source – high school, colleges, and universities
  • Confirms education claimed and actually achieved

Personal Reference Verification

  • Data source – calls to references
  • Gain a feel for the personality and ethics of every candidate

Registry Searches

• State sex offender searches
• Government sanctions
• FDA sanctions
• FACIS® 1, 1M, 3
• OIG and GSA searches

Adverse Action Management

ADP Pre-Adverse and Adverse Action Services walks authorized users through a guided workflow to help track, produce, and manage adverse action notifications.

Embedded logic

  • Evaluates the jurisdiction and helps you identify the appropriate adverse action notifications per federal, state, or local requirements

Guided workflows

  • Inputs reasons for the notification, enter additional criminal history, credit report and driving record details, and provide supporting documentation

Document uploads

  • Efficiently upload documents along with notification letters

Letter preview

  • Visualize draft letters in their final layout to confirm the information quickly and easily

Timeline tracking

  • Monitor timeline milestones and comply with mandated timelines between preliminary and final adverse action notifications