ADP SmartCompliance® Wage Garnishments
Comprehensive Wage Garnishment Services and Solutions
ADP SmartCompliance® Wage Garnishments

ADP SmartCompliance® Wage Garnishments

Comprehensive Wage Garnishment Services and Solutions

End-to-End Service

• ADP handles lien processing, disbursements and notice management that are specific to each jurisdiction and lien type.
• You can contact your ADP Account Manager and use the SmartCompliance Portal for assistance.
• Your employees can call our Solution Center for help, and get online information from and the ADP Mobile Solutions app.
• ADP builds efficient, scalable solutions to help meet your needs now and as you grow.

End-to-End Service

Systematic Implementation Steps

• Kick-off and Project Planning
• Analysis and Design
• Setup Requirements and Configuration
• Interface Analysis
• Conversion and Testing
• Pre-Production
• “Go Live”

Systematic Implementation Steps

Customized Project Plans

• Project plans assign the appropriate resources to complete implementation in a timely manner.
• Project plans are customized to fit the unique characteristics of each client’s project and the services that are being implemented.

Seamless Integration

• Clients do not have to convert data from one payroll program to another.
• Clients maintain control over payroll, payroll cycles, deadlines and data.

Smooth Transition Plans and Data Transfers

• ADP deploys state and lien-specific systemic processes and tools for processing wage garnishment orders, required notifications and responses, and disbursements).
• ADP implementation specialists work closely with your account manager to ensure a smooth transition and complete understanding of the process flow.
• Garnishment data is transferred quickly and easily to client’s payroll system.

Skilled Implementation Team

• Experienced professionals handle your account.
• Specialists coordinate with your team who have knowledge and familiarity with your payroll system, garnishment structure and processes.

Compliance Expertise

• ADP professionals are versed in wage garnishments compliance requirements and best practices.

Experts in Various States’ Regulations

• ADP keeps up with each state’s rules.
• ADP stays current with the changes in rules regarding federal limits, electronic disbursement, timely payments, etc.

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