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Workforce Management: Global | Mobile | Time & Attendance | Gross Pay Compliance
Time & Expense

Workforce Management: Global | Mobile | Time & Attendance | Gross Pay Compliance

Replicon’s configurable time tracking and scheduling platform helps manage your dispersed workforce in real-time. Businesses can consistently apply pay rules to get compliant gross pay data and streamline their end-to-end payroll process. Our comprehensive absence and schedule management capabilities give you complete control over employee availability and productivity. Our intelligent approval workflows validate data in real-time for dynamic approval routing. Leverage our advanced mobile app to enable your employees and supervisors with self-service capabilities. Payroll workbench enables your payroll team to manage validations and gross pay exceptions before exporting to your ADP system for payroll. Our platform provides a flexible reporting engine for analyzing all your business metrics - labor cost, overtime, productivity, gross pay and more.

Features and Benefits

A Single Source of Truth for Time

With Replicon’s Time & Attendance platform, global businesses get a scalable, single source of truth for their time and gross pay across diverse, multi-location offices – improving visibility, accuracy, and control over their gross pay.

Advanced Configurability

Our platform comes with built-in configurability that allows businesses to make the solution their own. Timesheet templates, pay rule engine, modeling of approvals and other business processes is made simple and quick.

Intuitive Web, Mobile, and Clock Interfaces

Replicon’s platform provides unobtrusive time management using our modern, mobile-first interfaces and advanced technologies including face identification, geo-fencing and chatbots

Built-in Local and Global Compliance

Replicon’s powerful platform frees HR/Payroll teams from the search for manual solutions or local vendors to manage labor laws in each country, region, or city. Over-the-air updates together with a compliance dashboard and real-time rule monitoring keep businesses up-to-date on adherence to regulations.

Enhanced Scheduling

Employee scheduling, offered as part of the platform, simplifies planning for staffing across shifts. Businesses are able to manage costs by making proactive adjustments to avoid under or over-staffing shifts.

Comprehensive Time Off

Our time off capabilities allow for simplified and straightforward management of multi-location employee calendars, handling all vacations, sick days, and local holidays. Employees can leverage self-service capabilities to request time off, reducing the administrative burden on HR teams.

Automate Complex Gross Pay

Our solution handles any and all complex gross pay situations such as job costing, collective bargaining and enterprise agreements, and unionized workforces. It eliminates the need for businesses to create custom workflows in order to manage each unique case

Seamless Integrations

The Time Intelligence platform is built from the ground up for scalability, agility, and handling global deployments at an accelerated pace, interfacing with business ecosystems such as Payroll, HRMS, or ERP without causing disruption to the processes already in place.

Flexible Reporting

Easily configure reports with Replicon's analytics engine to view all your time, compliance, pay and labor cost data. Get the big picture with real-time summary charts and dashboards allowing you to dig deeper into relevant business metrics to make proactive decisions.
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