Aquera for ADP Workforce Now®

Synchronizes ADP with Identity Platforms and Directories

Synchronizes ADP with Identity Platforms and Directories

The Aquera HR Onboarding Bridge for ADP Workforce Now® imports and synchronizes the worker information in ADP Workforce Now® with your identity access or governance platforms and directories. The bridge not only imports new users from ADP Workforce Now®, but also keeps the users up-to-date over time and triggers deactivation workflows to remove their access when the users become inactive in ADP. This solution is often called HR as a master or user import. The bridge comes in two versions. One version supports a pull model initiated from your IDP’s import orchestration service, which uses the Aquera SCIM Gateway Module and the ADP Standard Connector. The other version supports a push model initiated from the Aquera Orchestration Module, which pushes only the changed ADP records into your IDP or directory using the ADP Orchestration Connector. The latter version is used when the IDP doesn’t have an inbound orchestration engine or a directory is the target.

Features and Benefits

Integration Details

The Aquera Identity Management Bridge for ADP Workforce Now® integrates identity management platforms with ADP Workforce Now® for automated onboarding and offboarding of employees to an organization’s applications.

Automated Onboarding of New Employees

As new employees are added to ADP Workforce Now® they will be imported into the connected identity management platform (IDP). From the IDP users will be provisioned into the appropriate applications.

Automated Offboarding of Leaving Employees

When employees leave a company, their status is updated in ADP Workforce Now®. The connected identity management platform will remove the leavers from all the applications to which they had access.

Bridge Maintained by Aquera

Aquera maintains this bridge with no custom coding or updates required by the customer.

Quick Deployment

The bridge deploys in a few minutes through a point and click interface.

Automated Updating of Employee Information

Employee profile is automatically updated into the identity management platform from ADP Workforce Now®.
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