ADP Workforce Now® Recruitment

Source, Evaluate and Hire the Best Talent
Find New Talent

Career Website Tools

• Start with a compelling, branded career website.
• Get the tools you need to design a full-featured, customizable and compelling career site.
• Make sure your career site can reflect your company’s unique brand personality and attracts “good fit” candidates.
• Create a different site for internal vs. external candidates.
• Showcase your brand with custom videos and track candidate engagement.

Online and Social Media Platform Job Posting

• Run new hire reporting and analytics, including ROI analyses, to determine which job posting boards perform best.
• Post job openings to major job sites, such as Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder and more.
• Spread the word with social media postings on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Simple Application Procedures

• Give potential hires an easy-to-use application.
• Make it simple to search, view and apply to open positions.
• Let editing or deleting applications, tracking application status and accepting/rejecting offers become easy tasks.
• Create an effortless way for candidates to sh are jobs via social channels, access company links and view articles and videos.
• Apply while on the go using mobile devices.
• Apply as a guest—without creating an account.
• Use LinkedIn, Google or Facebook logins.

Candidate Filtering

• Filter candidates, your way, for the best fit.
• Use simple keyword searches to sift through candidate applications.
• Identify candidates with specific skills, competencies or experience levels.

Employee Referral Program

• Activate your own employees as recruiters.
• Boost candidate volume through an employee referral program.
• Provide incentives for your employees to bring in qualified candidates.
• Award employees with referral bonuses simply executed through ADP Workforce Now Payroll.

Compliance Tracking and Reporting

• Track and report on applicant data.
• Allows you to comply with EEO/OFCCP requirements in your recruiting practices (e.g., tracking EEO data and VETS status).

Systems Integration

• Pull new hire data into ADP Workforce Now HR Management and Payroll, automatically.
• Process employment tax credits.

Workflows for In-house Recruiters, Hiring Mangers and HR

• Workflows for In-house Recruiters, Hiring Mangers and HR.

Works with ADP Screening & Selection

• After you’ve identified the perfect candidates for open positions, verify their backgrounds and systematically conduct sound onboarding practices.
• Search criminal records — federal and state criminal courts, county felony and misdemeanor record checks and international criminal history.
• Run comprehensive employee screening searches — motor vehicle, credit, workers’ compensation, federal and county civil searches.
• Order registry searches — including sex-offender, government sanctions and OIG/GSA sanctions and registry.
• Verify past employment, references, and licenses.
• Manage medical/physical and drug screenings.