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Integration Details

This data connector enables seamless integration of your data between Flock and ADP RUN. It eliminates cumbersome data entry and seamlessly keeps your employee HR data up to date. You can quickly get started by importing/exporting employee personal and employment data. No need to reenter/upload any data between the two systems. Once the integration is setup, - new hires in Flock will automatically get sent to ADP RUN as a task to complete the remaining payroll information in ADP RUN. No errors due to duplicate entry. - all employee benefits are managed in Flock and the appropriate per pay period payroll deductions are automatically updated in ADP RUN. No action required. - employee terminations in Flock are automatically terminated in ADP RUN. - personal information changes like phone number, email, date of birth changes are sent over to ADP RUN immediately - for any fields that don't get sent immediately to ADP RUN, Flock provides an easy to manage dashboard that lists out all the data discrepancies that weren't applied to ADP RUN. This ensures there is one simple dashboard for admin to view all changes before they run payroll. For more information, please contact Flock support at support@helloflock.com

Data Fields

  • The following fields will be read by Flock from ADP(one-way sync)
    - First Name
    - Last Name
    - Phone number
    - Date of Birth
    - Gender
    - Email
    - Address
    - SSN
    - Hire Date
    - Employment Type/Status
    - Compensation Type/Amount
    - Pay Frequency
    The following fields will be sent by Flock to ADP (two-way sync)
    - Email
    - Phone number
    - Date of Birth
    - Gender
    The following benefit deductions will be sent by Flock to ADP (one-way sync)
    - Medical
    - Dental
    - Vision
    - Health Savings Account
    - Health Reimbursement Account
    - FSA Healthcare
    - FSA Dependent Care
    - FSA Parking / Transit
    - FSA Limited Health Care
    - Voluntary

ADP Applications Integrated

  • RUN Powered by ADP®

Integration Type

  • 1. Bi-directional data exchange
    2. Single Sign-On
    3. Buy Now

Application Type

  • Data Connector & End User

Data Sync Frequency

  • Real-time

Digital Onboarding

Automate and simplify your human resources by bringing employee records, time off, documents and all your human resources functions into one central platform. Get access to features like onboarding, Offer letters, Digital signatures, New Hire Packets. Learn more by accessing our feature video link in a new tab: https://youtu.be/OqlsJJNlMhA

Digital Onboarding

Benefits Administration

With most of the employees spending less than an hour to make their benefits decision, we have made analyzing and selecting benefits a cakewalk for your employees. Flock helps employees make changes, view coverage, and enroll in minutes for their health and benefit plans. Learn more by accessing our feature video link in a new tab: https://youtu.be/2hUVugLfWyQ

Benefits Administration

Customize Forms

Delight your employees with an online, anytime, anywhere HR and benefits experience. It’s safe to say that no one looks for more paperwork. Flock’s all-in-one platform helps companies manage vital HR, benefits, and compliance needs paperlessly, and in a secure online environment that will finally allow you to ditch that filing cabinet. Learn more by accessing our feature video link in a new tab: https://youtu.be/Jxjt-Z2jF_U

Customize Forms

Employee Engagement

Change the way you and your employees connect with each other and stay engaged with the company’s mission from hire to retire. Flock’s HR software lets you create broadcast messages, polls, anniversary and birthday reminders, and other social networking tools that will keep your employees happy, healthy and wise. Learn more by accessing our feature video link in a new tab: https://youtu.be/08mR0wPOzPE

Employee Engagement

Track Time Off

Take a vacation from tracking complex accruals, carryover caps, tenure, employee milestones, and time-off the old-fashioned way. Flock’s HR analytics reports make it easy to download preconfigured reports or customize your own with a few clicks. See at a glance who is out of the office or has requested time-off so you’re never caught shorthanded and can enjoy your holiday in peace. Learn more by accessing our feature video link in a new tab: https://youtu.be/9Ey91fUMy1I

Track Time Off

Ensure Total Compliance

Confused by the complex and constantly changing world of employee benefits and compliance? You’re not alone. Flock’s powerful analytics and reporting tools help you stay compliant with all State and Federal requirements. What were once manual, time-consuming and complex tasks can now be done simply and with high-tech efficiency.

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