SnapEval® for ADP Workforce Now®

Continuous Performance Management: Simple. Effective. FREE or Ultra-Affordable!

Continuous Performance Management: Simple. Effective. FREE or Ultra-Affordable!

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  • Instantly capture performance feedback on smartphones and laptops to share with employees.
  • Enable managers to automatically create Modern Performance Appraisals with embedded Continuous Feedback.
  • Immediately recognize Employee Performance Excellence to share with team.
  • Zero-Touch Administration! Automatically sync employee data from ADP Workforce Now.
  • FREE for teams of up to 10 users. All features included! No time limitation! Not trial software!
  • LESS THAN 11¢ per enrolled employee per day for larger teams and entire organizations. All features included! Billed monthly by ADP.
  • No upfront costs or annual contracts. Cancel anytime without cost or obligation!
  • FREE, instant customization and configuration!
  • FREE technical support.
  • FREE mobile app for smartphones! Simple and easy-to-use. Voice-to-text. No typing!

  • Features and Benefits

    Integration Details

    Checklist of SnapEval integration features with ADP Workforce Now.

    Benefits for HR Professionals and the Organization

    Innovative, easy-to-use visibility and control features for HR Professionals.
    Simple, effective, powerful performance management and recognition features for managers and employees.

    Continuous Performance Management enables Instant Capture and Sharing of Performance Feedback

    Instantly capture performance feedback 'snapshots' based on familiar concepts:
    Feedback 'Snapshot' (a 'Snap')= 'Goal Area' + 'Achievement Level' + 'Feedback Details'.

    Comprehensive Visibility and Control for HR Professionals

    Innovative, easy-to-use features for HR Professionals, managers, and employees.

    FREE or Ultra-Affordable Monthly Cost!

    SnapEval is FREE or Ultra-Affordable with no upfront costs or annual contracts!
    SnapEval easily fits within an HR Professional's discretionary spending authority, so there's no need to wait for money to be budgeted to experience these benefits.

    Access SnapEval from Anywhere at Any Time

    Securely login to SnapEval with your ADP User ID and password from any internet connected computer or smartphone.

    Save Even More $$$! Only the Workforce Now Payroll Module Required

    Only the ADP Workforce Now Payroll Module is needed for full SnapEval integration.

    Recognition of Performance Excellence is Shared with All Employees!

    Performance Recognition is shared with all members of the team through the Spotlight Recognition Dashboard.
    Recognition of Performance Excellence is shared with the recipient by a Spotlight Recognition email.

    Modern Performance Appraisals with Automatically Embedded Continuous Feedback Reduce Time, Effort, and Stress!

    Performance Appraisals are NOT required for Continuous Performance Management in SnapEval. However, many organizations still want formal Performance Appraisals for merit-based pay increases, promotions, and other activities.

    For these organizations, SnapEval enables Managers to quickly and easily create Modern Performance Appraisals. By automatically embedding 'snapshots' of Continuous Feedback in the Modern Performance Appraisal, time, effort, and stress are reduced for Managers and Employees.

    FREE, Instant SnapEval Customization and Configuration!

    No waiting for hours, days, or weeks to customize and configure your new FREE 10-user SnapEval account.
    We'll do it in minutes and for FREE!

    Zero-Touch Administration + Single Sign-On + Buy Now

    SnapEval Integration with ADP Workforce Now
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