Homebase Time Clock & Scheduling

Employee scheduling, time tracking, team communication, and more

Employee scheduling, time tracking, team communication, and more

Homebase offers cloud-based employee scheduling, time tracking, and team communication software to small businesses. Today, more than 100,000 local businesses with 5-100 employees in restaurants, retail, health and beauty, hospitality, and more rely on our expertise to better control the hours in their week and the dollars in their pocket. Homebase integrates with RUN Powered by ADP® to save time preparing payroll. Build a better schedule in minutes with our online scheduling tools, and publish it for the team to see via text, email and in the free mobile app. Our mobile messaging allows the team to trade time and stay connected. Stay on top of one of the largest expenses with our labor cost management tools and reports.

Features and Benefits

Build a better schedule in minutes

Our drag and drop employee scheduling tool saves you hours each week. Your employees get the schedule sent to them via text or email.

Track time worked from any device

Turn any browser, tablet, or phone into a sophisticated time clock. Easily track paid and unpaid breaks, and even tips.

All of the information and messages you need in one app

One mobile app for everyone on the team. Quickly and easily message your co-workers and managers—without emails or texts. Never look for a phone number again. Set up groups to stay organized, send pictures, and trade shifts easily.

Connect your POS to Homebase and optimize operations

Power up your business with our popular Homebase POS integrations. Homebase integrates with Clover, Square, Lightspeed, Revel, Poynt, Breadcrumb, and Talech.

Employee Scheduling

With our drag & drop schedule builder, you can construct your team's weekly schedule in minutes. You can view the schedule by role, time period, or employee and watch hours calculate automatically. Schedule from any browser or your mobile phone, and then share any changes to the schedule to all of your teammates from anywhere. You can easily copy a schedule from week-to-week, or use automatic scheduling, which takes into account your team’s availabilities and roles.

Time Clock

Our free and easy time clock app let's you track time worked from any device. You can turn any browser, tablet, or phone into a sophisticated time clock. Once you set up your timeclocks, all of the attendance data will sync seamlessly in the cloud. Managers can track paid and unpaid breaks, and even tips. It's easy to stay compliant without any extra work.

Team Communication

Team communication made for your team. Our in-app messaging is designed for busy teams. Managers can message other managers, the whole team, the people working today, or any co-workers directly. You can send your location, post pictures, and more. Our Manager Log lets managers share information from shift-to-shift. You can track shift notes and events. The notes from the Manager Log can also be sent out automatically via email to all managers to keep everyone informed.

Integration Details

Send Homebase time sheet to RUN Powered by ADP with the click of a button! No more manually adding up hours, and transferring your time cards to ADP®. With Homebase + RUN Powered by ADP, you can save hours every week and hundreds of dollars every month by seamlessly syncing your time card data with payroll.
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