Time Tracker by eBillity for RUN Powered by ADP®

Collect timesheets for easy payroll
Time & Expense

Collect timesheets for easy payroll

Time Tracker makes it easy for employees in different locations to accurately keep track of time, no matter where they are. Admins are then able to easily view and approve all employee hours in one screen, or generate insightful productivity reports with the click of a mouse. Time entries (timesheets) can then be synced back to RUN Powered by ADP for faster, more efficient payroll.

Features and Benefits

Track time for payroll

The office, coffee shops, your comfy yoga pants. With Time Tracker, your employees can track time from anywhere. As the admin, you can approve your employee’s time entries and sync them to RUN Powered by ADP in a single click. You'll spend less time hunting down paper timesheets and be able to quickly process payroll. It's simple to set up and easy to use.

Employees track, you approve

Your employees will be able to track time from any location. They submit their timesheets for approval. Once submitted, an Admin (typically the boss or manager) must review employee timesheets. The admin can approve entries. Admins can also edit entries or reject them.

Editable and customizable reporting

√ Export reports into nine different formats √ Edit line items and the report will automatically regenerate itself √ Save selected filters for repetitive reporting use √ Activate auto-reporting to generate a report (and email to anyone) based on rules you set. For example, you can send all employee time entry reports on the first day of every month

Integration Details

App is integrated with ADP Applications. Details below.

Mobile Apps & Extensions

Time Tracker works where you work. Track time on the go using free mobile apps for iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows Phone. Track time at the office with our web app, desktop app and Microsoft Outlook® Add-in.

Easy Timesheet Approval

Time Tracker was built for teams. Your employees enter time from any device for your approval. Time Tracker by eBillity has time cards to clock in/out, timers to capture every second and timesheets for manual entries. Track time against projects and activities and if you bill for your time you can select a client when making your time entries. Once approved, time entries can sync directly with Run Powered by ADP.

Sync Time Entries with RUN Powered by ADP

Time entries (timesheets) in Time Tracker sync directly with RUN Powered by ADP to make payroll faster and more efficient.

Track time with time cards

Manage your team with time cards; o Set thresholds to automatically calculate overtime and double time o Create paid and unpaid employee breaks o Set time rounding up or down eg 08:52 am can be clocked as 09:00 am o Create alerts to notify employees when their break is almost o Monitor employee payroll costs with detailed real-time customizable reports

GPS Tracking

Know the status of your team in real-time, easily drill down on an individual to view the details of their shift, map team, and individual locations, verify routes and travel times and avoid disputes with tangible evidence showing details of the logged entry.

Detailed Productivity Reports

Discover where your employees' time goes! Our reports help you understand your team’s productivity. Reports are easy to create, share and send.

Track time with timers

Time Tracker’s timers allow your team to capture every second worked in one-click. Easily start, stop and pause timers as priorities shift between clients, projects and activities. Timers are a simple way to log time for payroll and billing; entries can include a brief description, including an hourly or flat rate and be marked as a standard or overtime rate.

See What Syncs

Employees sync both ways between Time Tracker and RUN Powered by ADP. All of your employees will be imported into Time Tracker when you run your first sync. Then, you can create employees in either system moving forward. Timesheets captured in Time Tracker can be exported to ADP in just a few clicks. When you create time entries in Time Tracker, you can sync them back to ADP in a single click.

Time Clock Kiosk

Say goodbye to your traditional punch clock and switch to our easy to use free time clock kiosk. With the kiosk, teams are able to clock in/out and take breaks using a unique 4-digit PIN code. A picture will be taken of the employee and attached to the entry helping to eliminate ‘buddy punching’. (Available with time cards only)
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