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For Complex Compensation Planning Needs
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For Complex Compensation Planning Needs

Best of breed Compensation planning software enables your pay-for-performance culture. Empower your managers to make recommendations for merit, bonus, & long term incentives in one planning experience, worldwide. Support decisions by putting historical and contextual data (salary history, compa-ratio, position in range, more) at their finger tips right in the planning workbook. Deliver attractive and informative compensation statements with all of the components you offer including: pay allocation, benefits, PTO, STI, LTI

Features and Benefits

Pre-Integrated with Workforce Now

Seamless & Secure integration with ADP WorkforceNow enables single sign on from ADP and automatic data feeds. Information including: worker data, core data, and corporate directory data will automatically flow into CompensationXL.

Workflow Tool for Manager Self Service

Managers can make recommendations for their direct reports. Managers can also review, approve, edit, and/or reject the recommendations of their subordinate managers.

Focal Cycle Duration Reduced

Cut the duration of your compensation focal planning processes by up to 75%. Save time and reduce the amount of mid-cycle administrative work.

Stay within budget

Managers recommendations are pool constrained and business rules can be configured as soft or hard stops with justification / manager approval overrides.

Better Decisions with Less Clicks

CompensationXL brings all the relevant information for your decision makers into one compact view including multiple years of salary history. Users will not need to click deeper or around to get information. All-in-one view real-time modeling.

Effective Pay-for-Performance Framework

Link employee compensation to the metrics that drive your organization's success. CompensationXL is flexible enough to support even the most complex pay for performance strategies.

Complex Bonus

Align incentives with performance rating, individual contribution, and/or goal attainment. Bonus and LTI planning can be concurrent with salary planning or can be managed during a separate review cycle.


If your incentive formula or business rule can be expressed in an excel formula then CompXL can support your requirement, because CompXL supports the full range of Excel formula capabilities..


Calculate budgets based upon eligibility and other fields by program or organizational entity and cascade budget to all manager levels based on organization budget. Track multiple budgets for merit, promotion, and bonus.


Planning Manager’s view of data is constrained by hierarchy. Managers can quickly determine the competitiveness of compensation and identify high-risk employees. Import salary history and recent market data for decision support and analysis.


Managers can easily view direct and indirect reports. Workflow is preconfigured so that when submitted, each workbook automatically routes to the next approver. Higher level managers can alter, reject or approve recommendations.

Business Rule Enforcement

Ability to establish guidelines and rules related to increases, budget adherence, eligibility for various increases, promotion, proration, etc. System can alert managers and/or prevent managers when entering a value outside of guidelines.


Configure compensation review workflows to fit business needs so that planning can begin at any level in the organization. Email notifications, dashboards, and reports are available to keep the process moving efficiently and address version control.


Reduce the administrative burden associated with launching and managing compensation focal review cycles. Import data from multiple systems with ease; manually or using automated feeds. Configure exports to flow seamlessly into payroll.


Create pre-defined manager reports with filters that export easily to PDF or Excel. Executive style dashboard reports available to summarize key data. Adhoc and custom reports are available including branding colors, fonts, and logos.

Integration Details

CompensationXL features a data load integration with ADP WorkforceNow, pulling employee worker compensation data. The integration also enables users to authenticate into CompensationXL using Single Sign On (SSO) from the ADP Marketplace or from a quicklink in ADP WorkforceNow.


Support your entire employee population worldwide in one compensation planning module. Give managers the ability to allocate increases in local currencies while tracking against a compensation budget managed in USD.
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