orginio - smart org charting for ADP Vantage HCM®

Organizational Charts cleverly created.
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Organizational Charts cleverly created.

Visualize your company’s structure with just a few clicks. Your organizational chart will be created automatically after synchronizing your data from ADP Vantage HCM with orginio. CSV files can also be used as data sources. We offer smart pre-set designs that you can easily customize at any time without affecting your previous work in the organogram. Use drag-and-drop to perform structural reorganizations, hence turning your org chart into an effective strategic tool for senior executives, HR managers, sales teams and group leaders. Personnel and company performance figures provide the basis for efficient HR controlling. The visualization is always up-to-date and can be shared with all colleagues via the online viewing mode. Be it at home, on the bus or in the airport - with orginio you always have your employee directory on your smart phone or tablet. The smart search functionality quickly delivers your search results. Finally, to export your org chart or specific branches use the web print function.

Features and Benefits

Easy org charting

With orginio we provide an intuitive and easy to use cloud-based org chart tool which is fun to work with! Maybe you have spent many of hours or even days working to draw and update organizational charts in Power Point or Visio. The manual drawing process can be quite complicated and time consuming. With twenty years of experience working with many Enterprise and mid-sized businesses, we have found that most of our customers have had very similar experiences when it comes to org charting. We put our customer experience from the on premise org charting into our cloud-based orginio application. Start now and become architect of your org chart!

Up-to-date org charts from ADP Vantage HCM

With the seamless integration of orginio to your ADP Vantage HCM account you can easily create and publish organizational charts within minutes. New boxes and information can be added and changes can be made online at any time. Your current structure can be shared via a entry link with your colleagues.

Share and print information

Employees can retrieve the updated org chart via the Internet using the interactive viewing mode. Show your current structure via a share link or share your live org chart via iframe embedded code in the intranet for use as an internal corporate directory. Easily print your desired org chart view to PDF for presentations or email.

Access control for employees or user groups

The access control functionality lets you control which information is visible to whom and which users are authorized to make changes in edit mode.

Data Security

All of the data you have imported into orginio is securely stored in the ISO 27001 certified Amazon web services (AWS) data center. Key compliances controls and objectives are demonstrated by AWS SOC 2 Security and Availability Report which is an objective and independent third-party report. The AWS data center meets the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations all over the world.

Show your company’s structure

Simply synchronize your data from ADP Vantage HCM in orginio. Information on employees, positions and departments and who reports to whom will be imported automatically into orginio. A preview of your data helps you to check if all important information was uploaded. After finishing the import wizard your org chart will automatically be created. Even all profile pictures from ADP Vantage HCM can be imported into the organization chart. After the synchronizing process all photos are shown in the organizational chart.

Reorganizations and modeling

orginio enables web-based scenario analysis and modeling without the need to modify the data in ADP Vantage HCM. Easily reorganize your structure via drag-and drop. Create and remove departments, individual employees or vacancies or add more specific information. Org modelling simulations can be completed in a simple and user-friendly manner.

Explore your company

Visualize your organization with one level in view or with multiple levels in view. Just click on the arrow below the box to visualize the next level of your structure. Do you want to find more information about a colleague, a position or a specific team? Just enter your search term and the search hits will be displayed immediately. By clicking on the required search hit you automatically navigate to the box in the structure.

Talent Management and Succession Planning

Workforce planning is the main topic in many companies. Why not display the talents in the organization chart? In this way, everyone can see what the colleague from next door is capable of. By visualizing key roles, organizations ensure that employees are recruited and educated to fill each key role within the company. Potential successors for a key position can be highlighted via dotted line in the organizational chart.

Create corporate org charts

We include a standard framework and smart designs for the visualization of beautiful org charts. Or simply create your own individual color scheme and insert your company logo.

Visualization of analytics in your org chart

No matter whether depth of structure, headcount, level, number of positions or span of control. orginio provides you with effective personnel or company performance figures. Identify new hires, top performers or flag potential flight risks. Turn your organizational chart into an effective strategic tool by visualizing KPIs along your organizational structure.

Integration Details

orginio enables automated organizational charting and HR controlling from ADP® application. orginio can conveniently be launched directly through the ADP user interface including single sign on. This integration takes the data from ADP Vantage HCM and loads the information in an org chart. Whether kept simple for HR related tasks or more complex including key performance figures of your company. Simulations and reorganizations can be performed via drag and drop directly in the existing org chart.

Individual box design

orginio's box designer enables administrators to freely define the content of the org chart boxes. Any data that was once uploaded into orginio can be inserted in the org chart box via Drag&Drop.

Display rules

Based on individual display rules, objects can either be blanked out or they can take on pre-defined colors. This makes it a lot easier to quickly recognize the information that is important to you. Display rules work for various kinds of scenarios, e.g. to mark persons of a head count greater than 6.
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