Bonusly Recognition & Rewards

Build a Better Workday

Build a Better Workday

Bonusly solves your employee recognition & engagement needs with a peer-to-peer platform your team will love to use. Motivate employees and reduce turnover by fostering a recognition-rich culture that celebrates success everyday.

Features and Benefits

Grow Your Business

Companies with a recognition-rich culture significantly outperform their competition.

Retain Top Performers

Celebrate your employees and they will stay, grow, and recruit others. Great recognition has a proven impact on retention.

Increase Employee Engagement

Appreciation inspires emotional commitment, which drives discretionary effort and productivity.

Manage More Effectively

Bonusly Insights provides actionable analytics and reporting for performance management.

Reduce Your Program Costs

Consolidate all of your recognition and bonus efforts into one universal program with significantly lower costs.

Build a Better Workday

Create a culture where employees are passionate about their work and committed to doing their best.

Leverage the Wisdom of the Crowd

Peer microbonuses offer insights on your talent that surpass the point of view of any single manager.

360° Recognition

Share a continuous stream of timely, authentic feedback with your team. Bonusly supports recognition in all directions: employee-to-employee, manager-to-employee, employee-to-manager, and manager-to-manager.

Global Rewards

Bonusly offers the most extensive rewards network in the industry. No matter where your employees are, they'll have meaningful and exciting reward to choose from.

Mobile Recognition

Engage your mobile workforce with our native iOS and Android apps.

Best-in-Class Technology

Designed to scale up to the largest enterprises, Bonusly provides 24x7 uptime and requires virtually no IT administration.

Actionable Insights

Who are you top performers - not just the stars but also your unsung heroes? What are the specific strengths and growth areas for each of your employees? Bonusly Insights provide actionable information that helps you be a more effective manager.

Top-notch Support

Our dedicated customer success team is available 24/7 to support your employees with any questions they have.
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