allGeo for ADP Workforce Now® Next Generation
Geofence Time and Mileage Tracking for Field Workers
allGeo for ADP Workforce Now® Next Generation

allGeo for ADP Workforce Now® Next Generation

Geofence Time and Mileage Tracking for Field Workers
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Integration Details

The allGeo application integrates with ADP Workforce Now® Next Generation for bidirectional data exchange. This is a real-time integration that pushes the details from allGeo application and load data into ADP Workforce Now® Next Generation.

Integration Type

  • 1. Bi-directional data flow from ADP Workforce Now® Next Generation to allGeo
    2. Single Sign-On (Practitioner Only)
    3. Buy Now

ADP Applications Integrated

  • ADP Workforce Now® Next Generation

Application Type

  • Data Connector & End User

Data Sync Frequency

  • Real-time
    Scheduled – Once a day

Data Fields

  • The following fields will be sent from allGeo App to ADP Workforce Now® Next Generation:
    1. In time and Out time
    2. Service Hours & Rate (Regular, OverTime & Double Overtime)
    3. Pay Data Input
    4. Mileage
    5. Summary of Job Hours
  • The following fields will be read by allGeo:
    1. Communication phone number
    2. Worker Name
    3. Locations
    4. Payroll File Number
    5. Payroll Group Code
    6. Associate ID
    7. Work schedule Start & End time.
    8. Double OverTime & Mileage Earning code.
    9. Organization ID
    10. Work Assignment ID

GPS Tracking

Employee GPS Tracking and Visualization. Monitor and report on employee time and location in the field in real-time.

Time and Attendance

Automate employee clock in/out using geofenced job sites, requiring no input from the employee. Set up alerts on late arrivals and early departures.


Calendar based scheduling system where workers schedules can be seen in one composite view and new scheduling assignments can be made. A dynamic jobs assignment process where workers are given their schedules in real-time, based on their location, workload and job details. Schedules will appear on each workers mobile app in real-time.


Geofence-based EVV System for Personal and Home healthcare. Track caregiver visits, time, location & mileage for compliance. All this is done automatically, requiring no input from the field employee.

Field Service Safety

Customizable Lone Worker Safety Workflow. Monitor and ensure lone worker safety in the field.

Field Service Inspection

Digital Forms & QR Based Inspection & Checklist. Collect any type of field data, Indoors or Outdoors using mobile smart forms.

Field Service Dispatch

SMS, Voice-based Job Dispatch and Group Messaging. Real-time messages using text, IVR, Email, Push Notification.

Field Service Mileage

Automate business expense and mileage tracking. Track real-time employee location & mileage in the field. Mileage is computed automatically requiring no input from the field employee.

Field Service 'X' - Custom Workflow Creation & Integration.

Build a custom workflow based on use-case & integrate with your back-office. Plug allGeo into your current software system. Use web API or pre-built connectors to seamlessly connect to existing workflow. Dispatch up-to-date schedules, assignments and relevant job data to teams in the field.

Real-Time Updates

Automate Field Operations with Real-time alerts and notifications. Customize rules to trigger alerts based on field events such as Arrivals/departures from job sites, late check-ins and more.

Reports & Analytics

Run, download & email your reports on demand and as per schedule. Import reports into other systems in your workflow. Measure performance and identify gaps in your workflow.

Enterprise Grade Security

We take Data Security and Privacy very seriously. From GDPR compliance to location data and user privacy, we have strict policies in place. All our services are delivered over a reliable and HIPAA grade AWS infrastructure

Job Costing

Track time & jobs accurately with Geofencing and QR codes, applying pay rates based on type of job or location. Also possible to apply different pay rates to the same jobs for job costing and payroll.

Labor Compliance

Handle complex scenarios due growing compliance needs and a non-traditional labor market conditions. Multi-day / overnight shifts, shift-differential, break reminders, mileage logs for expensing, proof-of-attendance etc. in order to stay complaint with State and Federal regulations.