Kazoo Employee Experience Platform
All-in-one Employee Experience solution
Kazoo Employee Experience Platform

Kazoo Employee Experience Platform

All-in-one Employee Experience solution

Let's make work better.

Kazoo. Where priorities become clear, achievements are celebrated, and everyone has a voice.
Kazoo. Where priorities become clear, achievements are celebrated, and everyone has a voice.

Features and Benefits

Build the foundation of a high-performing team with Goals & OKRs that’s easy for everyone

We make it simple to set, see, and update goals. So every employee, from entry to exit, can clearly see the meaningful impact of their work.
*Connect individual, department, and company goals to the same larger vision
*Understand what needs to be done, when, and why to drive productivity and growth
*Provide clear measures of success and visibility into goal progress
* Integrate goals with performance assessments, recognition, check-ins, and feedback for a holistic view of employee performance

Celebrate your people with Recognition and custom Rewards in a single platform

Recognition creates a connected culture of appreciation, reinforces company values, and aligns employee behavior to key business priorities.
*Create a culture of appreciation with visible peer-to-peer, down-up, and top-down recognition
*Communicate purpose so employees understand the impact of their work
*Reinforce core company values and drive participation in company-wide initiatives
*Align employee behavior with key objectives for greater engagement and bottom-line business results

Turn managers into coaches and help employees grow with frequent and meaningful Conversations

Two complementary approaches to conversations — Check-Ins and Sync-Ups — help employees and managers connect more frequently, deeply, and meaningfully.
*Create alignment and connection with regular, purposeful conversations
*Know how your employees are feeling, what challenges they're facing, and where they need encouragement
*Make managers better coaches and promote employee growth with regular check-ins and sync-ups
*Drive engagement with continued discussions about goal progress, accomplishments, feedback, career objectives, and growth areas

Use Feedback to improve communication, collaboration, and innovation across all levels of your company

Regular, well-considered feedback helps employees grow and connect. Kazoo removes the friction of giving and receiving timely feedback to make it a part of every day.
*Encourage learning and promote a collective growth mindset
*Support open communication, collaboration, and innovation
*Remove the friction of giving and receiving timely feedback
*Tap into the employee voice to better understand their engagement

Encourage positive employee behaviors and set your business up for success

Incentives are a powerful way to reinforce your company’s objectives, programs, core values, or any positive behaviors that help your employees and your business succeed.
*Connect company initiatives to positive behaviors key to your culture and business
*Drive adoption of your Employee Experience programs
*Reinforce active participation in L&D, social impact, and wellness challenges
*Expand your Rewards program to further strengthen your company culture

Identify high-potential employees, develop leaders, and make data-driven succession plans

Perform talent assessments with the additional context of regular conversations with your employees that cover everything from challenges and accomplishments to feedback, career objectives, and growth opportunities.
*Reduce systemic and unconscious bias with evidence-based performance reviews
*Identify high-potential employees and enable proactive leadership development
*Inform annual assessments with year-round conversations and engagement metrics
*Support career development with data-driven succession plans

Enjoy the freedom to offer rewards all employees will love, wherever they are

Say 'thank you' a million different ways with a huge variety of at-cost, zero-cost, and experiential rewards - all in one smart rewards catalog.
*Reinforce company culture and core values with custom rewards
*Give employees a tailored rewards shopping experience with intelligent personalization
*Save time and money with 'set it and forget it' automated rewards catalog setup
*Pay the appreciation forward with over 1.2 million cataloged charities

Talent Review

Talent review is the conversation that happens between management, leadership, and HR about the employee, their performance, and their potential, before the manager’s conversation with the employee. In a talent review, leadership teams and HR leaders come together to assess ​high performers, employees with high potential, and talent gaps. By painting a comprehensive picture (with use of 9-Box framework) of performance and potential, evaluators can see clearly whether an employee is plugging along steadily as a solid contributor, is ready for a promotion, in need of development opportunities, or is a poor fit for the role they’re in.

Integration with ADP Workforce Now®

Kazoo integrates with ADP Workforce Now® to easily sync your employee data. After you subscribe to Kazoo, we’ll instruct you on next steps to purchase the data connector to integrate your data.
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