Kazoo Employee Experience Platform
All-in-one Employee Experience solution
Kazoo Employee Experience Platform

Kazoo Employee Experience Platform

All-in-one Employee Experience solution

All-in-One Platform

The Kazoo Employee Experience Platform brings everything you need into one intuitive tool for Recognition and Performance Management, all with your company’s values, vulture, and core competencies at its foundation.
Each component is key to employee engagement by itself. But, creating a truly high-performing culture requires all the components to come together to reinforce and amplify one another. By combining Goals & OKRs with feedback, ongoing conversations, and appreciation, your employees become more engaged, your managers become better leaders, and your productivity and business performance improves.

Centralized Home Page

  • Easy to navigate and configure to match your brand, the Kazoo Home Page is your hub for making work better. From the home page, you can update goals, send recognition, view rewards points, and create and respond to check-in and feedback requests. You can also view your action items, as well as any important company announcements and celebrations.

Activity Feed

  • Share and celebrate with a social media-like activity feed. The Activity Feed displays recognition, earned Incentives, and successful project outcomes — connecting everyone to the positive pulse of your company.
All-in-One Platform

Insights and Reporting

  • Powerful dashboards and reports provide your managers with insights into who is participating — by department, location, etc. — to better understand how your recognition is driving collaboration and company culture. Have a clear understanding of what motivates employee collaboration and performance, as well as your costs and budget over time.

People Directory

  • Easily find and recognize coworkers using a complete Profile Directory integrated with your HCM/HRIS system.

Mobile Apps

  • Take the power of the Kazoo Employee Experience platform wherever you go with our iOS and Android apps. Mobile features include Goals & OKRs, Conversations, Recognition, Feedback, Celebrations, and Announcements.

Collaboration Tool Integrations

  • Seamlessly connect Kazoo with the day-to-day collaboration tools where your employees already spend a lot of their time.

Goals & OKRs

The foundation of a high-performing culture is visibility and alignment to your company’s top priorities. Kazoo’s Goals & OKRs functionality makes setting Goals and OKRs easy for everyone. Employees can see the current status of their individual, department, and company goals - how goals are progressing, what’s on track, and what may need some more attention.
*Align individual, department, and company goals
*Make updates and add comments as they occur
*Track goal progress and risk status
*Assign goals to individuals and add collaborators

Goals & OKRs


Recognition plays a critical role in driving employee engagement, providing you with high impact, lower cost means to improve the employee experience and motivate your employees. Impactful recognition programs create a connected culture of appreciation, reinforce core company values, drive company-wide initiatives, and align employee behavior to key business goals.
Kazoo enables social recognition across all levels so employees, managers, and executives alike can recognize employees with a personal message and rewards points. Within the platform activity feed, anyone can amplify the recognition with ‘high-fives’ and comments, creating awareness and connection across your organization.
*Send public or private recognition and rewards points
*Offer meaningful rewards via a comprehensive catalog
*Create custom awards with employee nominations
*Automate anniversary and birthday celebrations


Nominations & Awards

  • Create and schedule custom awards that reflect your core values, business goals, and company culture — in just a few minutes.
    Nominations: Employees can submit nominations within the platform, creating one location for collecting recognition. Tracking & Selection: Easily review nominations in real-time, organized by nominee; no more worrying about tracking emails or survey results.

Rewards Catalog

  • The power of Recognition and Incentives is meaningful and tailored Rewards. Our comprehensive rewards engine offers hundreds of thousands of products without pricing markup, as well as custom rewards, experiences, and charitable giving. Our ‘set it and forget it’ catalog allows you to easily provide meaningful rewards every employee will love, wherever they are.
    Custom Rewards: Easily create custom rewards that are specifically aligned with your culture, reinforce your values, or recognize certain milestones or achievements. Point Pooling: Create rewards that allow employees to pool their points together for redemption such as pitching in for a good cause, redeeming to raise funds for a coworker in need, and combining for a team-building event like a catered lunch or onsite barista.


Frequent, meaningful conversations make managers better coaches and employees stronger performers.
The Kazoo Employee Experience platform makes it easy for managers and employees to meet regularly to discuss progress, accomplishments, feedback, and career objectives and growth opportunities.
With two complementary approaches to conversations, Kazoo helps managers tap into the voice of their employees more frequently, on a deeper level, and in ways that make sense.
*Schedule one-on-one or one-to-many conversations
*Add goals and feedback to conversation agendas
*Review recent performance, recognition, and feedback
*Collectively identify and document areas for development


  • Provide smarter, more meaningful performance conversations on a quarterly or more frequent basis. Using a configurable question bank, employees and managers alike can quickly review and reflect on performance, feedback, and recognition received, and identify areas for future growth.


  • Manage 1-on-1s and cross-functional conversations, discuss goal progress, make adjustments, review feedback received, and other agenda items.

Talent Assessment

  • Identify high-potential employees, enable proactive leadership development, and build data-driven succession plans with Kazoo’s evaluation and segmentation tools.


For companies that encourage learning and a growth mindset, feedback is golden. Regular, well-considered feedback supports open communication, collaboration, and innovation between peers or direct reports and managers.
By removing the friction of giving and receiving timely feedback, Kazoo empowers every employee to make feedback a part of their every day. Whether it’s up, down, across, or all-around, Kazoo standard templates like ‘Start, Stop, Continue’ or ‘Strengths and Opportunities’ ensure feedback is always meaningful and actionable, while friendly nudges keep it top of mind.
A part of Feedback, Surveys help you gain a deeper understanding of engagement, frequently tap into the employee voice, and garner a greater perspective of what’s happening across your organization.
*Guide peer-to-peer and 360-degree feedback with templates
*Provide frequent coaching and mentoring
*Enrich feedback with pulse, eNPS, and custom surveys
*Manage open and completed feedback


Pulse Survey

  • A quick, standard survey to help your managers understand where their team is thriving and which areas need some work.

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)

  • Think of these as the industry-standard NPS surveys you’re used to, but for understanding employee loyalty.

Custom Questionnaire

  • How was today’s team lunch? What would you like to hear at the next all-hands meeting? Whether you’re looking to conduct some company research or get a sense of what your employees are thinking, the answer to a simple question or three often clears a path to understanding.


Incentives are a powerful way for employees to earn points for activities that are a priority for your company. Create custom incentives based on your company’s objectives, programs, core values, or any behaviors that help your employees and your business succeed.
*Create custom incentives with configurable parameters
*Reward employees for achieving KPIs or business goals
*Encourage participation in company programs
*Promote L&D, social impact, and wellness challenges


Performance Incentives

  • Reward employees for achieving KPIs or specific business outcomes.


  • Tie bonuses to learning and development, social impact, and health and wellness challenges.


  • Incentivize employee participation in important activities like open enrollment, OKR/goal setting, or completing engagement surveys.