Hibob Connector for ADP Workforce Now®
HRIS that drives culture and engagement

Hibob Connector for ADP Workforce Now®

HRIS that drives culture and engagement

Integration Details

Hibob keeps employee data up to date by syncing all the important payroll data, including new hires and employee changes, directly to ADP Workforce Now. By using this integration you will be able to sync payroll related information from Hibob to ADP and eliminate the need for manual inserting data into both systems.

Applications integrated

  • 1. ADP Workforce Now
    2. ADP TotalSource®

Integration Type

  • 1. One direction data sync
    2. Single sign-on (SSO)

Application type

  • Data connector

Data sync frequency

  • You can have bob sync changes to your ADP payroll automatically or you can review and process the changes yourself. Changes are usually synced twice in a pay cycle.

Data Fields

  • The following fields will be sent from Hibob to ADP Workforce Now:
    1. First name
    2. Middle name
    3. Last name
    4. Birth Date
    5. Tax ID Number
    6. Gender
    7. Actual Marital Status
    8. Ethnicity
    9. Address 1 Line 1
    10. Address 1 Line 2
    11. City
    12. Address 1 State Postal Code
    13. Address 1 Zip Code
    14. Country
    15. File number
    16. Work E-mail
    17. Hire Date
    18. Location
    19. Home Department
    20. Job title
    21. FLSA Code
    22. Home cost number
    23. Business unit
    24. Benefits eligibility class
    25. Standard Hours
    26. Worker category
    27. Rate Type
    28. Pay Frequency
    29. Rate 1 Amount
    30. Worked State Tax Code
    31. SUI/SDI Tax Jurisdiction Code
    32. Tax ID Type
    33. Termination date
    34. Termination Reason

Payroll Hub

Take the pain out of payroll with a consolidated hub that has everything you need to manage your payroll data accurately and securely. Save time by using the people data you already have in bob. You’ll never have to manually update data between your HRIS and your payroll system again.

- Payroll management hub
- Auto sync with ADP Workforce Now®
- Scheduled reports
- Robust approval flows
- Notifications & reminders
- Flexible cycle management
- Custom payroll data reports
- Historical cycle view
- Changes tracking

Payroll Hub

Core HR

Solve your fundamental HR needs with engaging tools for employees and managers alike, such as a unified dashboard view and dynamic org charts.

Empower your employees to perform HR actions on the go and stay up to date with company events through our intuitive mobile app.

- Workflow automation
- Approval flows
- Document management
- Org chart
- People directory
- Company dashboard
- Clubs
- Diversity & inclusion


Create a sense of belonging from day one with streamlined and personalized onboarding. With bob, the onboarding admin process is smooth, thanks to customization with clear workflow and tasks and automation. New joiners automatically feel welcomed and connected by getting to know teammates, joining hobby groups and tribes.

- Onboarding flow builder
- Setup preview
- Document upload
- Read approvals and eSignature
- Automated workflows
- Employee welcome wizard
- Custom messages
- Targeted data collection
- Personal introductions


Culture and Collaboration

Transparent, collaborative cultures are ones where employees are both heard and included. Turn on a constant stream of information and recognition through company-wide or site-specific Shoutouts and Kudos that meet you where you are, in your natural flow of work. Hibob makes the HR and collaboration experience even better through seamless connections with today’s top collaboration tools and apps.

- Shoutouts
- Kudos
- Clubs
- Superpowers
- Hobbies
- Team collaboration
- Workplace misconduct reporting
- bob HR mobile app
- bob for Slack
- Workplace misconduct reporting
- bob for Microsoft Teams

Culture and Collaboration

Time and PTO Management

Streamline time off and attendance management for employees, managers, and HR. Automate the approving and reporting process and make it easy for on the go employees to request time off and clock in and out without missing a beat. Create unlimited fully-configurable time off policies, so everyone gets what they need. No more wasting time on time tracking and time off management for you or your people.

Time and PTO Management

Time Management

  • - Unlimited custom work cycles
    - Detailed reports
    - Auto reminders
    - Team status (mobile, Teams, Slack and web)
    - Clock in and out (mobile, Teams, Slack and web)
    - Timesheet management (mobile, Teams, Slack and web)
    - Timesheet approvals (Teams, Slack and web)
    - Manager push notifications in the flow of work

PTO/Time off tracking

  • - Unlimited custom policies
    - Approver selection
    - Time off management calendar
    - Request and manage time off (mobile, Teams, Slack and web)
    - Approval push notifications in the flow of work
    - Reports and historical data
    - Bulk time off actions
    - Google Calendar sync
    - People’s status digests (mobile, Teams, Slack and web)

Team Feedback

Take action to improve employee engagement, retention, and performance. Understand your employees’ attitudes and perceptions and connect the dots across the employee experience with timely lifecycle based feedback, pulse and anonymous surveys. Create a culture of being heard and unleash your employees’ potential through regular, transparent feedback.

- Research validated surveys
- Anonymous surveys
- Lifecycle feedback
- Talent groups
- Pulse surveys
- Reports and analytics
- Results dashboard
- Language analysis

Team Feedback

Performance Management

Transform the performance review process into a holistic, flexible experience that empowers employees to take an active role. bob’s performance reviews are easily configurable to align with your way of running performance reviews. With easy setup and an easier review process you’ll be waiting for the next performance cycle!

- Flexible cycle management
- Cycle setup preview
- Upward manager reviews
- Peer reviews
- Anonymous reviews
- Role based dashboards
- Aggregated response view
- Employee, team and company goals
- Reports and analytics

Performance Management

Analytics and Reporting

Insights, KPIs and analytics can be easily sliced and diced throughout bob to generate reports with advanced people analytics. Whether you want to see real-time or historical data, created on the spot or scheduled in advance, bob puts the decision in your hands.

- Robust filtering
- Rules engine
- Scheduled reports
- Auto send to secure servers
- Real-time data
- Historical data
- Payroll reports
- Changes reports
- Custom reports
- HR KPI insights
- People insights

Analytics and Reporting