ADP® Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Full-Service, Outsourced Recruitment through Onboarding Solutions
Find New Talent

Comprehensive Suite of Talent Acquisition Services, Tools and Solutions

• Talent acquisition market analytics and consulting solutions.
• Employment brand activation and creative services.
• Sourcing and recruiting services.
• Platinum Specialized RPO for niche, leadership, and executive roles.
• Diversity, military, and university recruitment programs.
• Transactional recruitment support.
• Employee retention analytics and turnover consulting.
• Offer management.
• Test and assessment facilitation.
• Internal and referral candidate management.
• Conduct, track and complete onboarding process.
• Compliance monitoring, tracking, and reporting.
• Project-based hiring.

Customizable Service

• Scalable account team structure aligned to your business needs.
• Supports the ebb and flow of hiring demands.
• Streamlined suite of tools that gives you a better way to create, distribute, track and measure recruitment initiatives.

State-of-the-Art Recruiting and Sourcing Technology

• For companies needing an applicant tracking system, leverage ADP Recruitment Management, our cutting-edge technology to manage candidates throughout the entire recruiting lifecycle.
• Combined recruiting, sourcing, contact relationship management and applicant tracking system technology can be utilized as a complete stand-alone system.
• Technology Agnostic Integration -- Enhanced candidate experience.
• Metrics and Reporting -- Enhanced candidate experience, Increased HM satisfaction, KPIs and SLAs.
• Scalable -- Seamlessly manage resources to current business conditions.
• On-going General Enhancements – Sourcing, Scalability for PI’s and reporting.
• ADP’s recruitment technology is one of the most stable and secure on-demand infrastructures in the world.

Implementation Methodology

Implementation and Change Management experts work with you through deployment, evaluate your current process, implement best practices (yours and the industry’s) and develop a thorough change management communication process to keep you and your employees abreast of what is coming. There are four phases of implementation and change management:
• Assessment and alignment. During the ‘assess and align’ phase, we execute the contract, conduct a current state and sourcing analysis, gather data, and develop the project plan.
• Modeling. During modeling, we outline what the new process and technology will look like, set up phone interview and prescreening guides, review intake documents, and set up SOPs, sourcing documents, etc. We also complete integration and configuration, the change management plan, and roll-out communications.
• Prove it. To prove the process, we execute what we have modeled, deliver recruiting process training to our account team and your team, and test the system.
• Realization. During the realization phase, we go live, transition to operations, communicate with hiring managers, and put into place what we developed.

Employment Brand Activation and Creative Solutions

• Communicate rich and relevant content about your employment brand with the help of creative tools to help your business attract top talent using videos, employee testimonials, events, and employee-centric messaging.
• You can then share those employment brand sentiments through mobile-optimized and SEO-enabled career sites and talent community communications.
• We deliver career site creation and hosting, social media strategy development and execution, and talent communities.

Platinum Specialized RPO

• Gain the expertise to learn where the best and brightest talent is for hard-to-fill roles and the insight to acquire them.
• This service provides high-level recruitment needs, a dedicated senior RPO recruiter with industry-specialized expertise, and agency-quality candidates at a fraction of agency spend.

Employee Retention Analytics and Consulting

• ADP talent consulting provides a turnover consultant with expertise in assessing turnover drivers, analyzing contributors to high turnover, and providing industry best practices and recommendations to help you increase employee retention.
• With industry leading insight backed by ADP Research Institute, we offer expertise and recruitment process optimization to help reduce drop-out rates.

Diversity Recruiting

• A diverse workforce can have a significant impact on financial performance and business growth.
• We provide diversity and engagement, outreach and relationship building, and hiring and retention services.
• AIRS-certified diversity recruiters help you layer a diversity focus on top of current sourcing strategies as part of the standard RPO service.
• You can also leverage premium services which include event participation, niche job board postings, and hiring process optimization tools.

Military Recruiting

• Our military recruiting program actively recruits veterans, wounded warriors, and military spouses for a wide range of jobs and partners with more than 150 military bases, TAP, and LVER offices.
• These individuals have unique work experience that transfers well into civilian jobs. • We provide hiring teams with education, awareness, and veteran relationship building opportunities while incorporating military recruiting techniques that align with your overall talent acquisition strategy.

University Recruiting

• Our fully customized campus recruiting administrative services include event management, communications, completion of paperwork, oversight of logistics, and more.
• We can provide standardization across your campus recruitment efforts while alleviating the administrative burden of the process from your internal team.

Outplacement Services

• This recruiter-driven program, based on more than 20 years of AIRS expertise helping organizations find top talent, helps transitioning employees stand out among other candidates by sharing how recruiters look for talent.
• With one-on-one coaching, access to tools, and online training, you can stand by your transitioning employees with confidence.

AIRS® Recruitment Training

• AIRS is the global gold standard for recruiter training and certification—and is also a subsidiary of ADP.
• All RPO recruiters are AIRS certified and maintain a minimum of five certifications.
• AIRS offers recruiter training for our RPO clients to help ensure you have the latest techniques in navigating the internet for top talent and that your hiring managers are trained on interview best practices, working with recruiters, selling the career opportunity, creating an engaging candidate experience and more.

Customized Delivery Model

• Dedicated resources and highly specialized resources, supported by our centralized support teams, give you a client-specific team that acts as an extension of your business, culture, and values; and an on-demand, scalable team that provides process efficiency and flexibility when requisition volumes fluctuate.
• Proven experience handling both niche-focused projects and complex high-volume clients with ever-changing and sophisticated needs, and our business model allows us to support clients at all volumes, accommodating spikes in demand with nearly a moment’s notice. Aligns with your specific needs on a regional, national and/or global level.
• On- or off-site support.
• AIRS certified recruiters and world-class AIRS recruitment training.

Onboarding Support

• Coordination of background and reference checks.
• Coordination of drug and medical screening solutions.

Configurable Portals

• Delivers easy access to requisition management, tools and reporting.
• Portals can be customized to individual organization’s needs.
• Identify opening & submit requisition request via portal.

Candidate-Friendly Online Portal

• Delivers a high-touch, well-branded, user-friendly experience through an online candidate portal.
• Improves candidate experience through high-touch communication.
• Allows candidates to express interest in multiple positions under one profile.
• Candidates can apply to requisitions and complete prescreen and assessment.
• Ensures feedback is provided to the candidate at all steps of the process.
• Maintains non-selected candidates in the database for future consideration.
• Increased motivation to complete the application as a result of having a positive experience.
• Less time duplicating profile information during the application process.
• Streamlined future application process.