Schedule101 for ADP Workforce Now® and RUN Powered by ADP®

Restaurant Workforce Management System Featuring Powerful Online Scheduling

Restaurant Workforce Management System Featuring Powerful Online Scheduling

Schedule101 Restaurant Workforce Management System Streamline your operations with powerful tools for online employee scheduling and communication

Features and Benefits

Online Dynamic Schedules

Managers create labor-percentage-based schedules with any scheduled Events in mind, working more easily around current Employee Availabilities & Time Off Requests which they can all view from anywhere with internet access. Employees can request shift changes subject to Manager Approval. Keep your staff happy. Keep Your Staff!

Online Store Information

Menus, Table Layouts, Forms, Dress / Uniform Guidelines, any kind of information can be stored in the system for Employees or Managers only to access remotely so staff show up prepared for their shifts with paperwork filled out and current.

Online Employee HR Information

Tests with scores indicating Pass or Fail, Reprimands or Praises with secure Employee Acknowledgements & full employee records are built-in the system to ensure employees are up-to-speed and Managers can address issues if not the case.

Online Communications Tools

Whether system generated, by text and / or email, or by Managers to All Staff, specific Departments (job-types), or individuals, messaging through the system is a powerful means to communicate.

Multilingual Interface

Allow your staff to work in their language. Front of House staff might be English speaking or strong in the English language, whereas, the Back of House may not be strong in English and be more comfortable in another language. Why risk communications issues? Benefit from our multilingual system interface on a user by user basis!

Online Employee Scheduling

Schedule who you need, who you should, when you should, including your costs & labor percentages. FREE* Text (SMS) and email alerts when schedules are posted or updated. *Std Msg rates may apply

Integrated Availabilities

These preferences show up in the schedule. You can still schedule over these however, if you can avoid it, you can make your staff happier! The only time you cannot schedule over a color-coded cell is when someone is working another shift in your restaurant! You can however select that 'other shift' to go directly to the other department, and unschedule them from that department.

Sales Projections

How much did you sell on this day last year? Are you trending up this year? Are we up because of weather? Mark up the week! Any events planned? Mark-up the day!

Manager / Shift Log

Do you remember where you last left that paper book? Did it fall in the sink and get ruined? No more. It's all in the cloud now! And searchable!

Employee Portal

This is where employees manage their own information, see their shifts, which they can of course drop, swap & add subject to manager approval, send and receive messages, suggest availabilities, time-off requests and more.

Android & iOS Apps!

Employees simply download an app where they can keep their information current, see their shifts, relevant store information & swap, drop and add shifts, subject to Manager Approval.

Integration Details

Schedule101's On-Boarding Connector solution automates staff on-boarding and department setup, making roll out quick and easy for Managers.
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