HRSoft COMPview
Compensation Management Software

HRSoft COMPview

Compensation Management Software

Integration with ADP®

- HRSoft COMPview integrates with ADP® to easily move data from the ADP System of Record

- This special Connector is used to automatically transfer data from ADP to HRSoft.

Data automatically transfers to HRSoft on a set schedule

  • Data is kept in sync using the API Connector
Integration with ADP®

Centralized Compensation Technology

With COMPview employers can eliminate spreadsheet errors.

Easy-to-use software that provides a centralized solution for HR - and line managers.

Stay on Budget and Adhere to Plan Rules

  • A centralized solution helps stick to compensation plans -- technology to improve the process
Centralized Compensation Technology

Global Compensation Software

For companies with global operations, the HRSoft solution lets managers view and plan for all associates with a single worksheet.

Managers can see and manage compensation for those associates in local currency or convert the values to a common currency.

Different pay rates, budgets, and workflows can be configured to meet country-specific requirements.

Compensation decisions for global employees

  • Compensation plans with different currencies, pay rates, budgets and workflows.
  • Managers can view all international team members on one planning screen and worksheet. View currency in the employee's home currency or the manager's currency with one-click.
Global Compensation Software

Salary, Bonus, Equity and Incentive Plans

With COMPview::

- Manage salary, merit, bonus, incentive and equity plans

- Supports different business rules, metrics, measurements and budgets

Managers can view all award types on a single planning screen

  • All compensation programs can be managed with the COMPview software. This makes planning efficient for compensation professionals and front line managers.
Salary, Bonus, Equity and Incentive Plans

Compensation Cycle Management

From budget roll-out to the review and approval process, COMPview puts you in control of the entire compensation cycle. Establish rules for every plan.

Guide managers through the decision-making process

The software helps managers make smart, informed salary and bonus recommendations

Allows for budget changes at any point in time

Configurable alerts and notifications

Improves the understanding of compensation plan rules and plan design.

Budget Adherence

  • Software makes sure that budgets are maintained

Easy Manager Interface

An intuitive, easy-to-use interface is highly valued by managers. The software is quickly embraced by managers

COMPview receives great reviews for high user adoption and a positive experience for executive compensation decisions and planning.

Managers Find the Solution Logical and Easy to Use

  • A terrific user experience with HRSoft.
  • Managers value decision support tools, alerts, notifications and guidelines within the software to help make proper awards and adjustments for their team members with confidence.
Easy Manager Interface

Flexible Configuration

Employers are able to allocate the compensation budget according to their precise business rules.

Calculations are configured to meet requirements based on metrics used for each program

There can be multiple factors such as: Individual, Team and Company-Wide measurements.

Compensation plans are specifically designed to meet a company's business priorities and goals. COMPview supports every detail of the plan design.

Flexible Configuration

Technology to Improve the Compensation Process

  • Highly configurable software to meet every detail of compensation plan requirements

Pay for Performance

The software allows employees to be rewarded for achievements and performance. This drives retention, motivation and employee engagement. It is what employees want from leading companies.

Reward Success

  • Drive better business results while increasing employee engagement and satisfaction.
Pay for Performance
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