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Modern Learning Management Platform with Training Courses
Develop & Reward

Modern Learning Management Platform with Training Courses

Modern Learning Management Technology with 8,000 microbursts of training (OSHA / State Specific topics ranging from sexual harassment and forklift to conflict resolution and active shooter). Customizable to your company, machines, and processes.

Features and Benefits

Reduce Employee Injury

With a library of over 1,000 courses and 8,000 Microbursts of safety training and the ability to reach employees with company-specific critical on the job safety information through text/SMS, email, scannable QR codes, portal or company social everyone will have the right on the job information top of mind.

Save Your Time / Reduce Your Frustration

Tired of sending the same information over and over, Tired of tracking down to find out if employees got, read, watched, listened or completed the information training you've shared with them. Let Ving to the work. Complete automated tracking, reporting, alerts, and notifications to keep you in the now and your employees accountable.

Reduce Rework / Increase Quality of Work

The Ving microburst creator enables you to create an unlimited number of microbursts for your company library. Content-specific to your business, your way of getting the job done right. Perfect for new hire orientation and or a refresher for seasoned professionals

Be Ready for OSHA! (and employee reviews)

Take advantage of our robust library of safety training topics. Then let the Ving platform do the work. Our technology will track every employee's level of engagement with every training you send.
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