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Wellness Engagement and Rewards Program
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Wellness Engagement and Rewards Program

KrowdFit provides an all-inclusive employee wellness engagement platform focused on rewarding the effort your employees make to consistently engage in living a healthy, active lifestyle with weekly cash rewards up to $5,000 per person. KrowdFit is the only wellness incentive program to pay out its own cash rewards, from our unlimited KROWD funded rewards pool to our members allowing employers to “amplify” their wellness budgets by leveraging KrowdFit’s own cash incentives. Your employees are the lifeblood of your business. KrowdFit provides a simple, fun and easy to use high-value, low-impact wellness engagement and incentive program to keep your employees healthy, happy and productive!

Features and Benefits

Unlimited Cash Rewards

The KrowdFit Cash Rewards Pool is an unlimited pool of cash that grows as our membership grows and allows us to pay out extraordinary cash rewards to an ever increasing number of KrowdFit members, every week! Members win real cash rewards not gift cards or points to be redeemed. Cash is King!

Supported Wearables and Apps

Connect the most popular fitness trackers from Fitbit, Garmin, and Misfit, or use your Google Fit or Apple Health account to use compatible apps on those platforms.

Wellness & Engagement Scoring

KrowdFit's Wellness & Engagement Scoring provides easy to understand feedback to employees and HR teams.

BringIt® Self-Improvement Challenges

BringIt Challenges are designed to allow employers the ability to directly challenge, nudge and reward their employees and further enhance reward opportunities.

KrowdView® Analytics Dashboard

KrowdFit provides on-demand reporting through KrowdView, our administrative portal. Immediately see your team's real-time progress!

iOS & Android Mobile App

Being active means being mobile. KrowdFit provides apps for Android and iOS devices. We integrate with both Apple Health and Google Fit to get steps activity and sleep data. Through the use of our mobile apps we offer a complete device free integration option. As long as you have a smartphone you can take advantage of KrowdFit for the active lifestyle you are already living.

Integration Details

As an ADP Workforce Now® client you will be able to purchase KrowdFit through the marketplace, and your employees will be able to seamlessly log in to KrowdFit from their ADP Workforce Now® account.

Member Communications

KrowdFit provides every client with a Launch Kit to help them successfully communicate the program to employees.
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