Mihi HR Software
Global HR Software. Time Tracking & Leave Management in 170+ Countries
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Mihi HR Software

Mihi HR Software

Global HR Software. Time Tracking & Leave Management in 170+ Countries
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HR Software for the Global Workforce

Mihi Software allows companies to simplify the management of their global teams with onboarding, time and attendance, leave management, workforce reporting, and HR/labor law compliance solutions in 170+ countries.

  • Supporting HR in 170+ countries
  • Localized in 17+ languages
  • Lower compliance risks
  • Faster and more accurate global payroll
  • Better data and global visibility
HR Software for the Global Workforce

Global HR Compliance

With Mihi, you get global compliance coverage all on a single system. Allow Mihi to take on the compliance burden for your business so your HR teams can free up time to focus on their most important work.

Prebuilt for Global Compliance

  • • Consolidated compliance to eliminate gaps and simplify compliance management
    • Reduce compliance barriers and accelerate systems setup when expanding to new countries
    • Avoid costly non-compliance penalties
    • GDPR compliant & ISO certified

Compliance Made Easy

  • • Country-specific compliance checklists
    • Automated non-compliance alerts and notifications
    • Detailed process flows for onboarding, time tracking, benefits, etc.
    • Formatted data fields to ensure information is provided in a compliant format

Supported by HR Compliance Experts

  • • Gain access to in-country advisory support
    • Receive notifications and explanations of the latest labor law changes

Employee Onboarding

Accelerate employee onboarding with streamlined processes for employee data entry and documentation. HR teams can quickly integrate new hires into your existing systems so they can hit the ground running on day one.

Time Tracking & Leave Management

Mihi provides your employees with a robust self-service tool to record time and attendance information, while offering managers a specialized portal to easily review and approve all employee timesheets and requests. Mihi’s integrations with external ERPs and payroll systems ensure data is moved to payroll systems timely and accurately.

Employee Experience Comes First

  • • Self-service timesheet entry via web browsers or mobile devices
    • Clock-in and clock-out functionality including automatic date and time stamps
    • Easily set up approval workflows, reminders, and alerts
    • Location-based recognition for mobile devices
    • Time clock and payroll integrations. APIs to integrate physical time clocks with Mihi

Flexible Framework

  • • Enterprise-grade system with configurable business processes
    • Localized and intuitive experience for easy user adoption
    • Automated time and attendance processes, rules, and policies

Ensure Compliance, Globally

  • • Automatically configured to labor, pay, and time requirements (statutory and non-statutory)
    • Centralized policy management eliminates compliance risk
    • Accurate time tracking via web, mobile, or physical devices
    • Real-time calculations and information on overtime, double time, and more, prior to the payroll run

Biometric Clocks

For companies that record employee time and attendance with physical timeclocks, Mihi’s Biometric Clock is the ideal solution. Track, record, and upload employee time and attendance data, while staying compliant with local labor laws and regulations.

Mihi Biometric Clock

  • • Fingerprint scanning technology improves clock-in accuracy, increases security of employee information, and eliminates the possibility of costly “buddy punching”.

    • Full integration with Mihi HR software keeps you compliant with labor laws anywhere in the world, saving you valuable time and resources.

    • Expedite payroll with the automated creation of accurate timekeeping records that are uploaded to the cloud in real-time.
Biometric Clocks

Employee Data Management

Record and manage employee data on a single, secure system. Mihi’s centralized database eliminates disparate systems, improving access and visibility, while built-in guidelines help you maintain legal compliance and audit readiness.

Centralized System for Easy Access

  • Store, manage, and track employee data on a single, secure system. Mihi consolidates and organizes global workforce data, improving visibility and offering better access to employee information.

Employee Self Service

  • Employees have the ability to input, access, and update their data through an easy-to-use self-service portal. The system guides employees through the data entry process, increasing data accuracy and saving your HR team valuable time.

Protect and Secure Employee Data

  • • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliant
    • SOC 1 & SOC 2 Compliant
    • ISO 27001 & ISO 20000-1 Certified
    • HIPPA Compliant

Compliance Guides for Data Collection and Usage

  • Collect and store employee data in accordance with in-country requirements. Mihi modifies the available data fields and data management options per local data regulations to eliminate the risk of non-compliance.

Workforce Reporting & Analytics

Turn data into actionable insights with extensive HR reporting and analytics. Mihi’s detailed workforce reporting functionality helps you make better decisions and allows you to accurately assess the status of your global teams.

Turn Data into Insights

  • Uncover workforce trends and make the most out of your data. Keep a finger on the pulse of your global teams by tracking key workforce metrics.
    • Employee Headcount Reports
    • Employee Time & Attendance Reports
    • Employee Leave Reports
    • Employee Performance Reports
    • Employee Benefits Reports

Generate Reports in Seconds

  • Access reports without delay. Mihi’s reporting portal makes it easy to find what you need. Simply select from numerous available reports and the system will auto-generate the selected report for your viewing.

Employee Helpdesk

Get your employees the answers they need to their most pressing HR questions. Made available 24/7, Mihi’s Employee Helpdesk allows employees to easily log tickets and escalate cases, while providing your HR teams with the ability to establish prioritization rules and workflows.

Comprehensive Employee Support

  • Expedite problem solving and reduce communication delays by providing your teams with round-the-clock access to HR support. Employees can also use the Helpdesk to access a centralized online location for information on insurance, benefits, and other policies.

The Perfect Toolkit

  • HR teams have access to a range of features to facilitate and track communications within their workforce. Some of the features include:
    • Email Ticketing
    • Web-to-Ticket Forms
    • Task Assignment and Prioritization

Employee Request Analytics

  • With Mihi’s powerful analytics, you can track the volume of employee requests, what type of requests are most common, and how quickly issues are resolved. HR teams can view data or trend analysis globally, by country, or get granular details on a specific location.