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Education Funding Made Easy
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Education Funding Made Easy

Gift of College helps employees address one of their most critical concerns: paying for higher education. Our easy to use platform helps employees get started and stay on track!

Features and Benefits

529 Plan / Student Loan Payroll Deduction

Gift of College At-Work makes it easy for your employees to fund their college savings plans or make payments toward their student loans by leveraging our technology for automated payroll deduction.

A Plus (A+) for Employers

Your employees appreciate the value of higher education and they also appreciate the cost. Not a week goes by without a news story about the rising costs of higher education and the $1.5 trillion in educational debt with which families are struggling. Planning ahead for college expenses helps alleviate reliance on loans – yet over 70% of families are not familiar with how to save. As an employer, providing valuable information on savings options and a convenient, systematic way to save for college (or to pay off student loan debt) is a priceless, low-cost addition to your voluntary benefit line-up with a high ROI.

A Plus (A+) for Employees

Whether a recent graduate with student debt or a parent or grandparent who is helping repay those loans; a parent or parent-to-be, grandparent or loved one saving for a future college student; or simply an employee planning to pursue advanced education in the future, rest assured your employees’ minds are distracted with how to save for or pay off the cost of higher ed. Gift of College knows that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for employees in different states and with different savings or loan preferences. We also believe It is never too late or early to start as each dollar saved is one less that needs to be borrowed and repaid. We're here to help your employees get started and stay on track with their financial goals.

The Gift of Independence

Living with a disability is often associated with significant amounts of extra costs. Using Gift of College, your employees can contribute to ANY ABLE account, which is a tax-advantaged savings that can fund disability expenses. Additionally, giving a Gift of Independence gift card provides a way for you to recognize, support and reward an employee who has opened an ABLE account and set savings goals.

Integration Details

Employees will have the ability to create a Gift of College account after signing into ADP and consenting access to their ADP profile and general deductions. On the Gift of College website, employees can then add the details for their 529 Plan or Student Loan Account and setup a payroll deduction to help fund or pay off the plan or account. When subsequent payroll periods occur, the deductions will automatically occur, and Gift of College transfer the deductions into the employee's 529 Plan or Student Loan as contributions.

Gift of College Gift Cards

Give Gift of College gift cards to reward and recognize your employees! Gift of College Gift Cards can be used to contribute toward any 529 college savings plan, ABLE plan, or student loan account. Whether to celebrate a job well-done, a work anniversary or to welcome a new child, employees will appreciate a gift that helps with the high cost of higher education. For more information email us at
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