Empxtrack 360° Review Software for ADP®
Affordable, Easily Configurable 360° Review Software
Develop & Reward

Empxtrack 360° Review Software for ADP®

Affordable, Easily Configurable 360° Review Software
Develop & Reward

Integration Details

Empxtrack is integrated with Employee data from ADP. Details below.

Applications Integrated

  • ADP Workforce Now®
    ADP Vantage HCM®

Integration Type

  • Read data from ADP
    Single Sign-On
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Application Type

  • Data Connector

Data Sync Frequency

  • Scheduled - Weekly (Configurable)

Data Fields

  • The following fields will be read by Empxtrack:
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Work Email
    4. Title
    5. Employment type
    6. Gender
    7. Designation
    8. Job Grade
    9. Job Category
    10. Department
    11. Location
    12. Reporting manager name
    13. Employee number (Both employee and reporting manager)

Feedback from all sources

The key differentiation of our software is that you can take feedback from all the sources, be it internal or external.

If you have a client who isn't a part of your organization directly, we allow you to take his/her feedback as well. :)

**Something which a lot of software's available in the market are not doing.

Feedback from all sources

Anonymous Feedback

  • Within a 360 degree feedback, many employees may feel uncomfortable while sharing feedback and views about their peers.

    For this, we have an option of anonymous feedback.

    Our goal is to create a transparent and an amazing working space where everybody can express their thoughts freely, and Empxtrack's software does 'exactly that' for us. :)

Employee Motivation

  • "The higher the number of feedback sources, the better are the chances of getting a genuine feedback."

    Our software helps the employees to get a holistic view of how their work and personality is being perceived within the organization.

    An honest feedback not only helps them to improve, but also keeps them motivated towards their goal.

Configure what you want!!

Who doesn't like self-freedom? And so, we don't want to restrict you either.

Empxtrack's software allows you to configure even the minutest of details just at the click of a button.

Well, it's not only 'our' software, it is 'yours'!!

So enjoy the freedom while working on making your experience better :)

Configure what you want!!

Awesome User Experience

  • We don't claim to be awesome, but our customers believe so!!

    We just made our software very simple and user friendly, so that it saves you both – 'Time and Money'

Change Participants Anytime

  • Already started a review process? Want to exclude somebody from the review process?

    No worries, our software allows you to add/remove participants anytime as per your convenience.

User-Based Access

  • Don't want your employee to see what your manager is able to see? Or do you want a separate view for an external client?

    Well, all the use cases are possible with the Empxtrack's software.

    With just a click, you can define independent groups and assign them roles accordingly.

Easy and detailed reporting

Who doesn’t like Machine Learning and Big Data analytics? Well, we have it covered for you. Though we use advance analysis at the backend, we ensure our users get a simplistic view of downloading these reports.

We have got smart dashboards that you can customize as per your requirements, and auto-fetch reports at your convenience. Not only this, you can also define a schedule for sending automated e-mails and notifications to all your employees.

Other Features !!!

Who doesn’t like free things? So here are the free offerings that we will provide you with-

Free Custom Branding, Free Configuration, Free Training, Free 24*7 Technical Support, Zero upfront costs and what not!!

We just want our client to be happy. :)