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Connecting health and wealth

As your Consumer-Directed Benefits provider, we can help you see around the corner—how regulations will change, how tools and technology will advance, how you can get ready for what’s next.
We’ll show you how and why your benefits work, so you can put the best plan in place. And we’ll manage all your Consumer-Directed Benefits on one, secure platform—easing administrative hassles and giving your employees the latest, most intuitive apps.
This keeps employees engaged and loyal. That keeps you ahead. And everyone benefits.

Features and Benefits

The benefits of our benefits.

HSA – Flexibility without extra fees, giving users options to save and spend how they wish.
HRA – An adaptable fit for your specific requirements, offering multiple ways for users to pay and get reimbursed.
FSA – Convenient payment choices and a $500 carryover to drive up adoption.
Commuter – Direct connection to hundreds of transit authorities and parking locations nationwide, plus effortless ways to pay.
COBRA – Easy-to-use, self-service tools for employees and simple administration for you.
Employee-Sponsored Programs – Customized reimbursement for anything from fitness to travel to smoking cessation.

You can’t call them benefits if they’re full of hassles.

All of your Consumer-Directed Benefits programs are on one platform, and that platform sits on every user’s smartphone.
• Get one site, one card, one number to call and one intuitive platform.
• Manage everything from prescriptions to parking.
• Drive up adoption and drive down administrative headaches.

All your benefits, all in one place.

Our single, secure, adaptive platform:
• Efficiently manages everything from spending to commuter and COBRA programs
• Safeguards your data with fewer handoffs
• Centralizes performance, metrics and contracts

Knowing what's next by shaping what's next.

When you influence the legislation that drives and develops Consumer-Directed Benefits programs, you have a unique vantage point from which to interpret trends, data and market fluctuations.
You see them and shape them before anyone knows they’re coming.
Because Consumer-Directed Benefits are all we do, we’re able to give you insight into where things are headed, what options to consider and why it all matters.
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