riteTIME® Data Connector for ADP Workforce Now® Essential Time

riteTIME users: Seamlessly share data with ADP
Time & Expense

Integration Details

The riteTIME® Data Connector integrates with ADP Workforce Now Essential Time® to provide quick, accurate tracking of shop floor employee hours. You choose when to synchronize the data between riteTIME and ADP. riteTIME authenticates the user and sends employee names, departments, time (hours worked and breaks) to ADP for processing as a scheduled task.

ADP Applications Integrated

  • ADP Workforce Now® Essential Time

Integration Type

  • Bi-directional data exchange
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Application Type

  • Data Connector

Data Sync Frequency

  • Scheduled

Data Fields Imported from ADP

  • Employee ID
  • Department Name
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Full Name
  • Employee User Name
  • Supervisor (Y/N)

Data Fields Exported from riteTIME to ADP

  • Employee ID
  • Time Clock Punch In Time
  • Time Clock Punch Out Time
  • Break Punch Start
  • Break Punch Stop

Approve Time Cards Fast

You don't have to wait for days to get the time card or job information you need. Find out what's really happening on your shop floor in an instant. riteTIME® includes time card reports for fast approvals. Time card data can then be shared with ADP via the riteTIME Data Connector. riteTIME also includes supervisor dashboards and standard or custom reports to help you monitor job status, evaluate employee performance, measure productivity, and collect data for tighter job costing.

Approve Time Cards Fast

Capture & Sync Time Clock Punches

riteTIME® quickly captures time clock punches and data from the shop floor via touch screen, keyboard, or badge ID and seamlessly shares it with your payroll/time and attendance system, ADP Workforce Now Essential Time®, using the new riteTIME Data Connector. The bottom line? Less time wasted with redundant data entry, fewer errors, and faster access to accurate time cards.

Capture & Sync Time Clock Punches