ActionTrac for ADP Workforce Now®

Employee Recognition, Survey, Messaging, COVID-19 Questionnaire
Develop & Reward

COVID-19 Employee Health Questionnaire Solution

Automated COVID questionnaire streamlines your screening process while keeping your company safer.

COVID-19 Employee Health Questionnaire Solution

COVID-19 Exception notifications

  • Trigger events that can be directed to the appropriate people: for example HR Admin, Security, etc.

Extensive Reporting

  • Administrators have the ability to access reporting around the answers in the daily questionnaire.

COVID-19 Screening for Visitors

  • Visitors can either complete the Questionnaire at a specific onsite location or a specialized visitor link can be sent in advance.

Easy to Use

  • Highly intuitive to use which minimizes training

Highly configurable

  • Comes with pre-populated questions - you can modify or add questions and the workflow can be configured to your needs.

Center Stage Recognition & Awards

Video Recognition is here and it is a game changer. Employees will love the experience. People will become enthusiastic and engaged. This can help energize a work force. Places all of your employees on Center Stage

Center Stage Recognition & Awards

Fast to get started

  • Every employee can watch a self paced tutorial that shows them how to get set up and into production.

Employee Recognition Solution That is Fun and Incredibly Engaging

  • Allows for video or text recognition - employee preference. Makes the delivery of recognition a fun occasion by watching your peer or manager recognition in video and not just the old way by reading text.
  • Fantastic user experience - easy to set up and administer

View a stream of recognition activity

  • Easily comment on all recognition activity from the employee's mobile device. Even search by department and location to see the latest team updates.

Micro Training

  • Enable Employees to contribute to the training experience. User Generate content can be the most meaningful since that is where the rubber hits the road. This capability fills the many training voids that is left by broader curriculums.

TextStar Mobile Messaging

Mobile messaging to employees in a one way broadcast mode which does not allow return texts. You can optionally allow for return texting

TextStar Mobile Messaging

Powerful Mobile Communicator

  • Send texts by department, division or the entire company with a flexible sorting capability.

Email Campaign Messaging

  • Send bulk emails and filter by location, office, Geography. Access analytics by viewing open statistics. Send specially formatted bulletins, service notices, or any bulk field or company wide communications.


  • Track all sent texts and bulk emails on a dashboard.

Enable Messaging access

  • Enable security access to managers who might benefit from being able to send Texts and bulk emails.

Action Survey

Highly flexible Employee Survey Solution that can cover all company Survey needs from Pulse to eNPS Surveys

Action Survey

eNPS Surveys

  • eNPS survey format is easy to create your own eNPS Surveys.
  • The eNPS Survey includes the ability automatically calculate the eNPS score.

Storing and comparing results

  • Each Survey is stored making it very simple to compare Survey results over time

Pulse Surveys

  • Create Pulse Surveys and schedule the frequency for automatic distribution

Multiple Question Types

  • Multiple Question type options from full text, single choice, multiple choice to range scales

Integration Details

When you create an ActionTrac account one of the first steps is to populate ActionTrac with the employees you want in the ActionTrac System. This is a simple process to do with the ActionTrac ADP Data Connector. From the Team List within ActionTrac you will see button that says "Connect to ADP." Clicking on this button will lead you through the steps to download the appropriate employees into your ActionTrac application.

ADP Applications Integrated

  • ADP Workforce Now®

Integration Type

  • 1. Read data from ADP
    2. Single Sign-On
    3. Buy Now

Application Type

  • Data Connector & End User

Data Sync Frequency

  • Real Time

Data Fields

  • 1. First name
    2. Last name
    3. Email
    4. Department
    5. Location