Mastery Online Training Library
Safety, Regulatory and Workplace Skills on Your LMS
Develop & Reward
Mastery Online Training Library

Mastery Online Training Library

Safety, Regulatory and Workplace Skills on Your LMS
Develop & Reward

License to use the e-learning courses you need

Mastery's special ADP Marketplace licensing plan gives your employees total access to a large collection of e-learning courses. Our e-learning collections give you both a deep and wide selection courses on the most popular topics. You will find the training that best suits for your work environment and your employees. You simply pay per employee, so your costs only grows when your workforce grows.

View Course Catalog

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Play on All Mobile Devices

All courses play on all mobile devices and desktop computers. Employees can even start a course from one device and pick up where they left off on another.

Courses Suited for Your Workplace

Build your course library from our comprehensive catalog of over 1700 course titles. Topics cover compliance with OSHA, DOT and EPA regulations, safety training, diversity, ethics, harassment, leadership, and more.

Course Catalog

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Courses feature workplaces from 22 working environments. Some include:

  • Manufacturing plant
  • Office
  • Construction site
  • Chemical plant
  • Laboratory
  • Warehouse
  • Retail store
  • Utility Service
  • Municipal Government

Courses cover a wide-range of topics, more than 70 categories. Some examples are:

  • OSHA compliance
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Customer service
  • Diversity
  • Harassment
  • Ethics
  • Microsoft Office

Courses presented in English and Spanish

Many courses support a Spanish version. Users are prompted at the beginning of multi-language courses with the choice to take it in their preferred language.

Easy to Navigate User Interface

Users will experience the same interface when interacting with every course. Video controls and course navigation does not vary by title, making it easy to use, supportive to employee's learning, and easy for you to manage.

Course controls allow users to:

  • Review chapters they have gone through
  • View video in full-screen mode
  • Access downloadable resources related to the course
  • View the complete list of lessons
  • Know how the training is structured, and where they are within the course at all times


Lesson bookmarking allows a user to start a course and finish it later from the last chapter completed. Users can also go back and review any chapter they've completed before continuing on.

Learning assessments

Courses end with a learning assessment designed to ensure that every learner masters every concept. Mastery quizzes coach learners to get the right answer each time they answer incorrectly. Instead of ending with a percentage of incorrect answers, users walk away from the learning assessment with an understanding of the correct answer. After all, that is the outcome you want from training, knowledge and understanding that employees convert into competent job performance.

Preview Content

To preview individual courses copy this url into your browser, and on each product page you fill find a preview clip of the course.