Application Tracking System for DOT-Compliance
Find New Talent Onboard


Application Tracking System for DOT-Compliance
Find New Talent Onboard

Application Tracking System

Tenstreet is a software company focused on bringing drivers & carriers together. We work with 700+ carriers, 2 million+ drivers and have managed over 5 million IntelliApp job applications.

Provider Of Online DOT Applications

We provide an online application that makes the experience of applying for a DOT or Non-DOT position enjoyable for the candidate and carrier!

Companies have reported 50% and even 100% increases in recruiting staff productivity after implementing our software, which enables candidates and businesses to spend less time filing papers and more time recruiting the best drivers.

Driver Verification (Xchange)

Xchange makes verifying and providing employment verifications simple, fast and even tracks your good faith attempts. Xchange was created to eliminate the traditional time-intensive process associated with the manual creation of fax cover sheets, manual faxing of employment requests, and research into paper files to determine a driver’s application status.

Minutes vs. Weeks

  • Instead of waiting weeks to months on former employer’s verification forms, you can easily request, send, and receive documents in a matter of minutes. Our tracking system enables you to manage digitally signed releases with an automated re-send feature. When needed, Xchange reports gaps, accidents, inconsistencies, and automatically calculates the experience of an application. It also streamlines the verification process for recruiting and fulfills requirements for DOT compliance tracking automatically. We have created a system that puts an end to faxing and gives you more time to recruit the best drivers.

Driver Qualification Files Management

Manage compliance of the employment lifecycle process with a completely paperless DQF management program. With our DQF software, your transition into a state of the art paperless system is easy and painless.

Paperless DOT Compliance

  • Managing paper files can be a chaotic task. Paper-based filing systems make it very difficult to keep track of the status of a driver’s documents. Without the proper driver qualification information, it is impossible to keep up with DOT regulations and keep the good drivers you already have.

Powerful & Simple to Use

  • Our DQF software is a powerful yet simple-to-use solution that allows you to track and report Driver Qualification Files without the paper shuffle. The Tenstreet DQF module starts your online personnel management the moment drivers apply with your company. You can easily move to a paperless system or integrate with existing paper files at your own pace. Our DQF system saves you time and money, with no per-document fees and no per-driver fees. There is only a low monthly rate that keeps your DQF records secure.

Digitized Signatures & Enhanced Security

  • Tenstreet DQF allows you to upload forms online such as digitized signatures and scanned documents. Additional documents can be added into the system, such as the date a CDL copy will expire. We also provide reports showing drivers with DQF documents that have expired or are missing. We also offer a digital folder feature containing a driver’s application, signed releases, screening reports, and a copy of a CDL in our electronic tracking system.

More Time Recruiting, Less Time Doing Paperwork

  • Tenstreet DQF software allows candidates and companies to spend more time recruiting the best drivers and less time filing and finding compliance forms. DQF also secures compliance files in a state-of-the-art data center, where there you have access to drivers’ records from anywhere, at anytime. Faxing and manually sorting documents is no longer a realistic practice. With our DQF software, your transition into a state of the art paperless system is easy and painless.

Communication Engine

The communication engine enables the completion of on-boarding forms/videos within a secure webpage that can be completed by the driver from any location on a smartphone or tablet.

Mobile Friendly

We offer mobile applications for both driver and carrier!

For Driver:
- Track applications & hiring progress for each carrier via the Pulse tracking meter
- “Like” your favorite carriers to let them know your level of interest
- “Block” carriers to remove them from your feed and let them know your level of interest
- “Message” with recruiters in real-time

For Carriers:
- Send and receive text messages from drivers in realtime, while storing all interactions as part of each driver’s file in Xpress - all without recruiters having to use their own cell phone numbers
- Be notified as your best candidates submit their applications - start those conversations via voice or text in minutes, not hours or days.
- Monitor candidates as they are completing IntelliApps before those applications are even submitted.
- Get access to all the Xpress functionality you need to do your job - from your Android phone or tablet.