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The best way to build and manage your org chart
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The best way to build and manage your org chart

Pingboard makes it easy to organize teams, plan for growth, and keep everyone informed. Replace static org charts with real-time, collaborative org chart software. The Pingboard Org Chart Connector requires an existing Pingboard Pro subscription.

Features and Benefits

Integration Details

There's no need to manage yet another app. Pingboard automatically keeps data in sync with your ADP Workforce Now® data. You and your team securely sign-in to Pingboard via ADP®.

Org Chart

Browse your organization with a beautiful, dynamic org chart, filled with photos of your employees. The org chart is kept up-to-date for you as people change managers. You can export and share the org chart, and access it from your phone. Pingboard supports hierarchical org structures and special roles such as administrative assistants and multiple CEOs. Show placeholder roles for positions that are “to be hired”. You can also organize your people into departments and office locations.

Employee Directory

Everything about your teams in one place, including photos, bios, contact information, skills, interests, team information, and custom fields.

Workforce Planning

Create multiple org charts to plan the future of a department or the entire organization. Start with the current org chart, an existing planning org chart, or a blank slate. Planning org charts can be private or shared with all administrators.

Cross-Functional Org Chart

Organize teams by products, projects or customer segments. Use custom fields to add additional data to your org chart, such as goals, skills or performance.

Free Add-Ons

We’ve packed Pingboard with a bunch of extra goodies!

Share Your Org Chart

Pingboard provides multiple ways to share your org chart.
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