Group Health Insurance
Professional Advice and Automated Solutions for Health & Benefits Insurance
Provide Benefits
Group Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance

Professional Advice and Automated Solutions for Health & Benefits Insurance
Provide Benefits

Highly Professional and Licensed Insurance Representatives

• Let our 300+ licensed insurance agents show you a wide range of group health insurance plan options from our carrier partners.
• As an ADPIA client, you and your employees will have licensed support staff and service resources ready to assist you.
• Tap into ADPIA’s knowledgeable staff for assistance with enrollment and renewal strategies, troubleshooting carrier issues, providing industry insight and more.

Mobile Tools and Intuitive Online Accessibility

• Employees, managers and HR can track and manage health and benefits insurance-related information and data from a PC, smartphone or tablet.
• Having online access from desktops and mobile devices means paperwork can be kept to a minimum.
• Employees can easily enroll, make adjustments and add spouses or dependents to plans.
• Support communication tools make understanding solutions easier.
• Avoid extra costs with Dependent Verification.
• Check payroll deductions on the go.

Employer Support Team

• Team of fully licensed agents answer your questions and provides support.
• They can design new plans.
• They can troubleshoot carrier issues.

Employee Advocacy Center

• HIPAA-compliant licensed Employee Advocates answer your employees’ health/benefits questions and provide support.
• The center can become an objective, confidential resource for employees.
• The Advocates can help to eliminate your involvement in employees’ personal health matters.

Administrative Support

• Fully licensed agents answer questions and provide support.
• Agents can monitor and provide notifications to new hires and terminations (*Additional service, ask your representative for more information).

Benefits Strategy Consultation

• Fully licensed agents help with strategy sessions (enrollment & renewal).
• Strategic analysis of benefits platform.
• Industry insight, resources & legislative guidance.

Benefits Manager from ADPIA with ADP Payroll Integration

• A self-service portal integrates ADP payroll and your benefits program.
• Gives employees the ability to manage their own open enrollment and life events, choose coverage options and make the most of their benefits.
• Your employees can gain more control over their personal benefits.
• Can help to improve the accuracy of your plan data.
• You can cut the time you spend on labor-intensive benefits tasks.

Measurable Insights and Benchmarking

• ADP can provide measureable insights and benchmarking based on our extensive experience from providing benefits administration assistance to 1 in 8 people who receive coverage through private sector employers in the U.S.
• ADP can help you measure how well you are doing, execute on your talent strategy for continuous improvement and become more competitive in your industry marketspace.

Convenient Cards for Easy Access

• ID Cards.
• Debit Cards.

HRA Credits

• When employees join wellness programs your organization can earn HR credits.

Medical Insurance

• Covers essential health benefits critical to maintaining your employees’ health, the treating of illnesses and after effects of accidents.

Individual Health Insurance for Non-Eligible Employees

• Offers employees, who do not qualify for your health coverage, the ability to make the smart choices for them and their families through our ADP partner GoHealth.
• GoHealth offers many insurance options and a team of specialists can help your employees make informed choices.

Prescription Insurance

• Covers cost of prescribed medicines.
• Prescription coverage works hand-in-hand with your medical policy.

Dental Insurance

• Covers a portion of the cost of dental care.
• Contributes to the oral health and overall wellness of your employees.

Vision Insurance

• Covers select vision wellness needs.
• Can include exams, corrective wear and other vision-related concerns.
• Crucial eye exams can also detect other diseases, from cancer to diabetes.

Life Insurance

• Can pay “final” expenses, cover child or spousal support, pay off debts, taxes, etc.
• Employees can have the essential protection they need at a competitive cost.

Disability Insurance for the Short and Long Term

• Short-term disability insurance will pay out benefits to employees for a specified length of time, as long as they qualify by meeting the definition of “disability” contained within the policy.
• Long-term disability insurance, sometimes referred to as permanent disability, can provide employees with benefits from the time they become disabled, up to age 65 or 67, depending upon what their full retirement age (FRA) will be.

Premium Only Plan (POP)

• Allows employees to pay part of their health insurance premiums with pre-tax dollars.
• Helps reduce tax expenses for you and your employees.
• Can lower payroll tax expenses.
• Could reduce Social Security and Medicare expenses.
• Can offset the cost of benefit premiums.