Empxtrack Performance Management
Affordable, Easily Configurable Performance Management for ADP® to increase workplace productivity

Empxtrack Performance Management

Affordable, Easily Configurable Performance Management for ADP® to increase workplace productivity

Integration Details

Empxtrack Performance Management is integrated with Employee Data from ADP. Details below.

Applications Integrated

  • ADP Workforce Now®
    ADP Vantage HCM®
    ADP TotalSource®

Integration Type

Application Type

  • Data Connector

Data Sync Frequency

  • Scheduled - Nightly

Data Fields

  • The following fields will be read by Empxtrack:
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Work Email
    4. Title
    5. Employment type
    6. Gender
    7. Designation
    8. Job Grade
    9. Job Category
    10. Department
    11. Location
    12. Reporting manager name
    13. Employee number (Both employee and reporting manager)

Set Goals and Track Achievements

Our Goal Setting and Tracking module enables managers to create and align the SMART goals to all (or a few employees) within the organization. This gives the direction and vision to all the employees who work collectively to help the organization grow and take it to the new heights.

Some of the key highlights of Empxtrack’s Goal Setting and Tracking module are mentioned below-

Set Goals and Track Achievements

Pre-Configured Templates (Just for you)

  • We value your time. Therefore, to make your job easy we have provided pre-configured templates. All you need to do is, use the templates, and your SMART goals will be defined.

    PS- You can define your own templates too. Our software is completely robust. :)

Real Time Performance Tracking

  • Which employee is working hard and which employee isn’t. Well, our software allows you to track the performance of all the employees on a real time basis. By utilizing the data you can not only increase the productivity, but also can remove the bottlenecks (if any) within the organization.

    Not only this, employees also get automatic reminders to fill in the performance sheet before the deadline, thereby ensuring a 100% participation :)

Prioritize the Goals for your Employees

  • A good manager is the one who defines the criticality of work assigned to the employees. It not only gives a direction to the employees, but also enhances the productivity.

    With Empxtrack’s software you can define weightages against each and every goal, thereby making sure that the most critical items are covered on top priority.

Upload Goal Libraries

  • With just a click, you can upload the goal libraries into the Empxtrack software. It is that easy!! We are an open software and have no restrictions whatsoever.

Performance Appraisal

Our Performance appraisal module has been designed with a vision to bring in more transparency within the organization.

With our software, managers can view the achievements of all the employees mapped to them, and do a comparative analysis to distribute the appraisal ratings.

As soon as the appraisal cycle is over, employees get notified for their performances along with the feedback from the managers, thereby, helping them improve their future performances.

Here are a few things that makes our performance module even more special-

Performance Appraisal

Automatic Email Reminders

  • No need to remind your employees manually, we have automated reminders which will do the job.

Customized Appraisal Cycle

  • You don’t want an annual appraisal cycle?

    Don’t worry, our software supports weekly/monthly/quarterly/semi-annually, and yearly appraisal cycles.

    You can use whichever you wish to, just at the click of a button. Not only this, we also have project-based appraisal cycle. (Amazing, isn’t it!!).

Use Pre-configured templates

  • We have templates for you to save your time. We know it’s precious!!

Involve Multiple-Stakeholders

  • One employee, multiple managers. Don’t worry we have it covered for you !!

Setup View and Edit rights

  • You can setup view and edit rights (across team) based on the information which is confidential to you.

View Analytics and Reports

  • Includes multiple pre-configured reports and dashboards. View appraisal status, bell-curve and even print individual appraisal forms.

    PS- All important information will remain safe with you .:)

Detailed Analysis and Reports

  • We give you a holistic view of all the forms filled by your team. It is not just visually appealing, but also easy to comprehend.

    You can filter the data by appraisal status, view the bell-curve, print individual forms and a lot more.

Continuous Performance Management

We believe performance should be tracked not just once in a year, but on a regular basis. A periodic feedback not only keeps the employees engaged, but also ensures they are on the right track to productivity.

With this thought in mind, we created the continuous performance management module which allows employees and managers to interact and discuss the achievements on a regular basis.

It ensures there are no surprises at the end of the year, and the productivity target is met.

PS- It’s an additional module , we have put in a lot of hard work in developing it ☹

Continuous Performance Management

360° Feedback

Do you want your employees to have an honest feedback about their work?

Well, we have a solution for you. Our 360 feedback allows you to take feedback not only from the boss, but from peers, seniors and juniors.

And the interesting part is, it could be kept anonymous. With 360 feedback, we are not only solving a big problem of self-development but also ensuring a happy and a healthy working environment. :)

360° Feedback

Rewards and Recognition

Who doesn’t like to get rewarded for the amazing work they have put in? Well, with our performance appraisal software, managers can not just reward employees, they can also appreciate their performances on social feed.

It not only motivates the employee getting rewarded, but also creates a healthy work culture within the organization

And trust us, it will increase the employee productivity and organization revenue as well. ( We say it from our past experiences)

Rewards and Recognition

Easy and detailed reporting

Who doesn’t like Machine Learning and Big Data analytics? Well we have it covered for you. Though we use advance analysis at the backend, we ensure our users get a simplistic view to download these reports.

We have got smart dashboards that you can customize as per your requirements, and auto fetch reports at your convenience. Not only this, you can also define schedule for sending automated e-mails and notifications to all your employees

Easy and detailed reporting

Completely configurable process

Empxtrack has many pre-configured forms that can be mapped to your exact processes. You can load your own competency library, import goals, setup workflows and also create your own reports.

It not only saves your precious time but also makes the entire process easy and quick.

Other Features

Who doesn’t like free things? So here are the free offerings that we will provide you with-

Free Custom Branding, Free Configuration, Free Training, Free 24*7 Technical Support, Zero upfront costs and what not!!

We just want our client to be happy. :)