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Seamless Integration with ADP®
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Seamless Integration with ADP®

Would you like to encourage frequent interactions between your employees and managers? A continuous feedback throughout the year helps increase employee productivity, engages employees, creates a positive work culture and positively impacts your company’s top line and bottom line.

Empxtrack Performance Management software helps align employees, monitor achievements in real-time, guide and mentor continuously, and helps reward the performers through an easy to use process all in a transparent and objective manner.

And best of all, Empxtrack is completely integrated with ADP Workforce Now® and ADP Vantage HCM®.

You can start using Empxtrack immediately without data reentry and your employees can login to empxtrack without remembering an extra login. Our teams will configure empxtrack to map to your processes, train your users and also clear all the demo data.

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Features and Benefits

Integration with ADP

Empxtrack integration with ADP Workforce Now® and ADP Vantage HCM® allows you to synchronize employees from ADP, and allows your employees to go to Empxtrack from ADP with no need to remember an extra login.

Year long performance tracking

Employees and managers can set goal targets and capture achievements throughout the year. This allows managers to continuously interact with employees and guide them.
In case you want periodic reviews and check-ins, say every month or quarter with a formal evaluation, empxtrack offers Continuous Performance Management functionality with various options for configurable workflows, goal edit and achievement capture options and development planning,

Increase Employee engagement

Engage employees throughout the year through social feeds, birthday greetings, work anniversaries, reward and promotion notifications, new employee announcements, skill endorsements and company directory view. Build a collaborative culture with options to display selected employee data to all employees and encourage comments and participation from everyone.

360 Feedback Integration

Add complete 360 Feedback process to your performance management to encourage completely anonymous feedback from multiple sources - seniors, peers and juniors. Sophisticated reporting with radar charts and easy analysis to identify blind spots and hidden strengths.

Ease of reporting

HR and leadership can extract data in a variety of formats (excel, PDF, CSV) and build reports and dashboards on the click of a mouse. Reports allow scheduling and auto-emailing on the schedule decided by the creator.

Company wide visibility

Evaluations and reports are available for a manager in their downward span. A department head can view all employees in their department and CEO can view evaluations for any employee

Completely configurable process

Empxtrack has many pre-configured forms that can be mapped to your exact processes. You can load your own competency library, import goals, setup workflows and also create your own reports.

Calendar integration

No more reminders to employees and managers to complete evaluations in a timely manner. Automatically add tasks and events in calendar that would remind employees and managers to complete pending tasks. Reminders integrate with all calendar applications - google, outlook, exchange and others.

Integration Details

Empxtrack Performance Management is integrated with Employee Data from ADP. Details below.

Empxtrack Goal Setting and Tracking

Empxtrack Goal Setting and Tracking allows managers and employees to create & align SMART goals seamlessly. It gives clear vision to each employee of what is to be done to reach closer to their individual and team goals. Our user-friendly module enables managers to systematically measure progress and achievements of their team performance, with the help of well-defined intuitive performance reports and dashboards. Furthermore, employees receive automatic reminders to fill in their achievements regularly. Users can easily create and update goal libraries with specific goals assigned in the job descriptions or at team and (or) company level. It makes easier to automatically assign and share goals with people handling the similar job roles or working in the same teams.

Empxtrack Performance Appraisal

Our performance appraisal module has time-saving features that make performance evaluation a less stressful experience. It assists managers, employees and HR people to conduct detailed employee appraisals more efficiently within the estimated timelines. Empxtrack Performance Appraisal extends a well-defined appraisal approach to the organizations which maintains high-level of transparency for all the stakeholders involved in the process. Our tools allow managers to view employee ratings & comments and compare the performance of multiple employees for fair ratings. The tools, like comment assist, manager notes and others, make the appraisal process simpler, quicker and accurate.

Empxtrack Continuous Performance Management

Empxtrack Continuous Performance Management allows employees and managers to setup a formal check-in process on a periodic basis. While completely configurable, the process allows interactions between employees and their managers on the status of achievements and updates on development plans.
The formal process encourages course correction and feedback such that there are no surprises at the end of the year.
CPM can be purchased as an addition to the Performance Management process

Empxtrack 360° Feedback

Solicits feedback from multiple sources to gain insights on employee development needs, performance gaps and provide constructive, timely feedback on hidden strengths and blind spots.
This can be procured in addition to the PM modules in case you want a formal 360° review process
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