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Recognition drives business results
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Recognition drives business results

How can you make your company a best place to work? How can you build a culture of happiness and engagement that really drives business results? How can you ensure consistent, equitable awards for every employee in your organization, everywhere you do business? How can you make your employees feel valued, recognized and appreciated? With Globoforce, recognition becomes strategic to your brand and to align all you employees around a common mission to drive business results.

Features and Benefits

Drive Measurable Business Results

The simple act of recognizing employees has a proven impact on your bottom line.

Retain Top Talent

Recognize your employees, and they will stay, grow, and thrive. Great recognition has a proven, direct impact on retention.

Boost Employee Engagement

Appreciation not only inspires emotional commitment but also drives discretionary effort and productivity.

Manage People Better

Recognition data offers revolutionary talent insights for performance management and succession planning.

Streamline Your Program Costs

Consolidate all of your ad hoc recognition efforts into one universal program to gain efficiencies, cut costs and ensure universal compliance.

Unify and Manage Your Culture

See how your values are performing everywhere in your organization, and gain insight into who is impacting and energizing your company the most.

Tap into the Wisdom of the Crowd

Peer-to-peer recognition offers insights on your talent that transcend the point of view of any single manager.

Social Recognition

Share a continuous stream of recognition activity with your employees. Globoforce’s solution offers a secure peer-to-peer feed that gives employees the chance to see who is being recognized and to add on their congratulations for maximum impact.

Mobile Recognition

Empower your workers to securely recognize, approve, congratulate and redeem wherever they are with our powerful mobile access—including native iPhone and Android apps.

Unlimited Rewards

Globoforce offers the industry’s largest employee rewards network—with thousands of reward options around the globe

Leading Edge Technology

Massively scalable and designed for 24x7 uptime, Globoforce is a true cloudbased Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. Plus, continuous enhancement and easy implementation makes it easy to adopt and maintain state-of-the-art global recognition with minimal need for IT resources.

Powerful Reporting

Our solution has the most robust reporting in the industry, with easy ways to visualize not only the success of your program or its spend, but also program benchmarking, your program’s impact on your business goals and your overall return on investment.

Talent Maps and My Team

Do you know who all the top performers are in your organization—not just the high flyers but all the unsung heroes? Talent Maps and My Team insights give you a way to instantly identify the performance of your team for development, succession and performance reviews.

Employee Support

Globoforce offers 24/7 support services ranging from technical topics to reward redemption questions, with dedicated, in-house support staff fluent in 20+ languages.
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