ADP Workforce Now® Enhanced Time

Automated Time and Labor Management
Time & Expense

Enhanced Time Accruals Module

• Automates the granting, validating and calculating of accruals and paid time off (PTO)
• Calculates employee balances in real time, enforcing company policies and balance restrictions automatically.
• Provides proactive alerts and easy access to accurate PTO balances to help prevent unauthorized paid time off.

Enhanced Time Attendance Module

• Streamlines the administration and enforcement of attendance policies.
• Helps reduce direct and indirect costs of absenteeism by providing an integrated solution.
• Automatically interprets employee exceptions, applies company rules and triggers the need for appropriate disciplinary actions or rewards.

Enhanced Time Leave Module

• Provides valuable decision support tools so that managers and HR staff can more easily determine employee leave eligibility and entitlement, as well as monitor absence trends and patterns.
• Provides the flexibility to help handle concurrent provincial and company leave compliance, flexible tracking periods including rolling forward, backward, quarterly and yearly, different rules for new hires or part-time employees.
• Calculates and tracks intermittent leave in weeks, hours or minutes.

Enhanced Time Scheduler Module

• Enables intelligent scheduling decisions by putting all critical information in one place.
• Includes staffing requirements, actual hours worked, employee skills and certifications, availability and preferences and more.
• Provides broad visibility into all available resources throughout the organization, enabling managers to align the workforce more effectively with scheduling guidelines and pay policies, while controlling costs through best fit, least-cost scheduling.