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The Affordable and Easy-to-Use Applicant Tracking System
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The Affordable and Easy-to-Use Applicant Tracking System

ApplicantStack is a full-featured applicant tracking & onboarding system suitable for both small and medium enterprises. ApplicantStack is delivered through the cloud so it doesn't require any IT resources and can be used the same day as sign up. Users can choose their plan and upgrade/downgrade at any time, with no contract or commitment. With ApplicantStack Recruit, you can easily post a job to most 3rd party jobs (Indeed, CareerBuilder, JuJu, LinkedIn, etc.). Set up automatic screening and scoring of incoming applicants and configure a hiring workflow to automate processes. Request feedback from others and see everything in one central, searchable database. Ensure compliance at every step of the process. Run reports for management, including ad-hoc and custom reports. Once a candidate has been selected to hire, ApplicantStack Onboard streamlines the new hire processes. Provide a personalized New Hire Portal providing all the information that new employees need including federal & state tax forms!

Features and Benefits

Publish your jobs across multiple 3rd party job boards as well as your public job board

With a few clicks, you can post a position to major job boards like Indeed, Google Jobs, LinkedIn Limited Postings, Glassdoor, JuJu, Monster, CareerBuilder, as well as social media sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter). Have consistent, branded job postings across job boards and your own website.

Enable Candidates to Quickly and Easily Apply for Jobs

This might sound straightforward, but creating an easy and accessible application will allow candidates to quickly and easily apply to your organization. In today’s competitive market, having an ATS will enable you to appeal to the maximum number of qualified candidates.

Manage Candidates all in one place and manage the entire recruiting process via your custom workflow

Gone are the days of trying to manage multiple email folders and Excel spreadsheets. Using an ATS allows you to customize your workflow to match your current process.

Quickly Identify the Best Candidates and don’t waste time on those that are not a fit

Use screener questions to quickly knock-out unqualified candidates and to prioritize the best ones using automatic scoring. Then systematically review interviewer feedback to focus on high-priority candidates so you can quickly make offers.

Automate Routine Tasks

Send notifications to candidates. Schedule interviews. Gather interview feedback. Rate candidates. An ATS can automate all of these functions and more, enabling recruiters to the highest value-added activities.

Enhance Reporting and Compliance

Keep management up-to-date on the candidate pipelines for each job and effectiveness of different job boards. Easily capture, track, and report voluntary EEO data, while remaining in compliance with the guidelines set forth by the EEO/OFCCP.

Streamline Employee Onboarding

Once a candidate has accepted an offer, automatically move them through the onboarding process. Use the system to ensure the completion of paperwork, scheduling of required initial meetings, set-up of IT services, and more!

Your New Employees Virtual Assistant

A hire portal with username and password allows for a secure portal for your new employees to see all relevant information and see all tasks assigned to him or her.

Eliminate all Employee Onboarding Paperwork

Easily assign all new hire paperwork such as state and federal tax forms, health plans, employee manuals, training videos, etc. Have the new employee complete and sign all items online.

Improve Communication & Reduce Friction

No more chasing down interviewers to schedule interviews or gather feedback. Don’t worry about notifying candidates. Easily provide status updates to management. Let the ATS do it!

Hire and Onboard

When moving a candidate from ApplicantStack Recruit to the Hired stage, the record is instantly added to your ApplicantStack Onboard module to begin the employee onboarding process!

Post, Launch, Advertise & Share Your Jobs Online

Easily create, post, launch and advertise your jobs with the click of a button!

Jobs and Job Management

With ApplicantStack you have the tools to manage your jobs!

Candidates and Candidate Management

Easily manage your candidates all in one place!


ApplicantStack provides collaboration tools to easily work together as a team!

Security and Support

An overview of our security and support features

Integration Details

Integrates with ADP Workforce Now® to allow users to purchase ApplicantStack
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