Workforce accountability and coordination tool.

Workforce accountability and coordination tool. platform greatly increases productivity of remote work, protects from overbilling, allows for easy monitoring and coordination of geographically distributed workforce and provides real-time information on the cost and status of all tasks and projects.

Features and Benefits

Productivity Increase - 15-40%

TransparentBusiness makes every work minute accountable by recording all work-related activity, with supporting screenshots. No more work time wasted on socializing in Facebook, playing computer games or sending our resumes. Full privacy protection.

Enabling Telecommuting

TransparentBusiness allows you to see all work performed by your telecommuters, provide immediate feedback on their work and measure time worked by every telecommuter.

Making Oursourcing Effective

Real-time visibility of all work performed by your contractors, domestic or foreign. Provide immediate feedback on their work and verify accuracy of their billing.

Protection From Overbilling

Save millions - TransparentBusiness verifies every hour billed by your contractors. No more "padded invoices"!

Project Management Made Easy

TransparentBusiness includes a robust and easy-to-use project management functionality with unique real-time Gantt charts showing exact cost and status of every task and project.

Access to Global Pool of Talent

Lower your labor costs by hiring globally with full visibility of remote work provided by TransparentBusiness.

Cost Control and Reduction

See exact cost of labor for every day / week / month. Reduce labor costs by hiring globally leveraging from transparency of remote work which we assure.

Real-time Gantt Chart

Gantt charts in TransparentBusiness automatically show all work performed on every task and the related costs, see

Automatic Timesheets

All computer-based work accurately tracked and summarized in an interactive timesheet where every number is linked to the supporting screenshot. Privacy of workers is fully protected.

Detailed info on work performed by every worker

Every work hour is illustrated by 20 screenshots, which you can see as thumbnails or as a full-screen slide show.

Detailed Profile on Every Worker

All pertinent information, including skills, education, experience, test results, reviews of past projects, creative portfolio and more.

Project Management Made Easy

All project information in one place, including files, discussions and project history.

Integration Details

TransparentBusiness application integrates ADP to get detailed contractors profiles into TransparentBusiness. This is real-time integration using which Managers can review detailed profile of contractor in TransparentBusiness.
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